This is the seventh post in a 12 day series called “12 Days of Christmas {Planning}”.  Check back every day for tips and downloads to help you organize your Christmas holiday!

Every year we give our children an ornament in their Christmas stocking.  When they are grown, they will have an assortment to choose from to decorate their first tree.

I try to choose one that is significant to something in their life at the time they receive it.  When my daughter was taking ballet lessons, she received a ballerina ornament.  The year we vacationed in Maine, we got carved wooden Christmas moose (or meese, if you prefer :) ) to adorn the tree.

Each year when we unpack the ornaments to decorate, we love reminiscing about where and when we acquired them and what memories are attached to them.

I was inspired by this ornament I found on Pinterest, and I decided that this year we will make our own ornaments.  Each “ornament” on the tree is made with family members’ fingerprints.  I know I will treasure this one when my kiddos are grown.

Here are some other ideas of ornaments I love.

This is a super-cute one using a juice can lid from Jamie at The Crafting Chicks

And these adorable ones from Juicy Bits . . .

I LOVE this little guy from Then She Made . . .

And this one from Lilac Saloon


This is one of my favorite ideas from Design a la Mod for organizing and storing ornaments (I’m definitely going to try this one!):


The 12 Days of Christmas Planning:


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  1. Alison says:

    Thanks for a great Christmas decoration post
    Best Christmas Decorations

  2. Megan says:

    Cute picks! Thanks for including my hoops! :)

    I love those felt owls. Adorable!!

  3. Kelly says:

    This is a really fun series! So glad I found you on pinterest! Kelly

  4. Karan says:

    Found you through Pinterest – I saw your request that if anyone had ornament storage ideas that you would like to know what they are. I use the plastic containers that apples come in at Costco. They are fairly hard plastic and hold either 12 or 18 (bad memory) in round bubbles.

  5. Corrina W says:

    The link to Lilac Saloon isn’t correct and i’m super interested in trying to make these…Could you post the link again please? Thanks!

  6. LQ says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! You didn’t put an unnecessary apostrophe on the cute ornament! That made my (admittedly slow) day. :-)

  7. Robin Anders says:

    I love the idea of giving your children Christmas ornaments each year. We did the same thing since their first Christmas, however I gave them two each year. Once they went to college, I added the “Make A Wish Foundation” ornament which was/is their sorority’s philanthropy cause. When my oldest daughter got married, she called me near Christmas and said ” mom, we need a bigger tree”! I asked why and she said all the ornaments she had we crowded, but they looked great! She was so thankful for this simple gesture from her dad and I each Christmas, but it was very meaningful to her.

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