Brand New Finish Products With Less Harsh Chemicals & Free Sample

If there’s one thing that makes me happy and helps get our busy days off to a good start is waking up to a clean kitchen every morning.  Since we homeschool our kids, all four of them are home all day and that means we generate a LOT of dirty dishes!

There was a time when I was feeling totally overwhelmed with all the responsibilities I had and having to clean the kitchen after each meal was not something I enjoyed.

Since they were toddlers, we have trained our children to clear their own dishes from the table after each meal, and while that has been very helpful, I knew it was time for them to help more.  I realized that I was actually doing them a disservice by not teaching them to help with the TOTAL clean up, not just clearing their own place.

Teaching our children how to clean is something that will help them tremendously when they have homes of their own.

Finish Powerball Power & Free

I’ve been brand loyal to Finish brand dish-washing detergent ever since my mom recommended trying it a number of years ago.  So, when I was contacted recently by Finish® about becoming a #FinishMom and testing some of their new products, I was all over it!


Finish Alliance of Moms

Finish® has a brand new line of products called Finish® Quantum Power & Free™ and Jet-Dry® Power & Free™ that deliver the clean results you expect but have less harsh chemicals.  Now that my kids are helping with the dishes more, it makes me feel great that they are not handling such harsh chemicals!

Finish Quantum

What’s so great about the Power & Free™ range?

  • Finish® Power & Free™ detergents feature Hydrogen Peroxide Action to power away the toughest food messes
  • Detergents (Quantum & Powerball) contain no chlorine bleach and use less fragrances and dyes versus regular Finish® detergents
  • Finish® Jet-Dry® Power & Free™ contains less harsh chemicals versus the regular formula

Naturally, when kids are helping in the kitchen, things aren’t going to be as clean as if you do it.  I’ve been trying to help them understand that they need to rinse the dishes off before putting them in the dishwasher.  But, when I was reading some of Finish’s® dishwashing tips & tricks, I read that “Your dishwasher detergent’s job is to help wash away food residues.  Not only can pre-rinsing dishes waste water and energy, it may even prevent your detergent from working at its best.”  Seriously?

Normally I would have taken this mac n’ cheese covered dish that one of the kids put in and washed it off, but I decided to put the Finish® Power & Free™ detergent to the test.

Dirty Dishes

I also decided to try the Jet-Dry® Power & Free™.  It was perfect timing as my rinse aid reservoir was empty.  I simply filled it up and ran the dishwasher.

Jet Dry

I was very impressed with the results!  I’m not surprised that Finish® got the dishes clean, but I’ve always been a little skeptical about the “light” versions of anything.  The Power & Free™ line did not disappoint!

Clean Dishes

Seriously!  Look how clean this is.  I am totally impressed.  That was dried on mac n’ cheese!

Clean Dishes with Finish Power & Free

It makes me feel great that now my dishes will be just as clean as ever, but with less harsh chemicals!

Finish Quantum Power & Free

How would you like to try some?

Finish Free Sample

Finish® is giving away free samples of their Power & Free™ detergent!  Go here to sign up for your FREE sample.  You can also pick up some Finish® and Jet-Dry® coupons here!

Also, check out their Facebook page here for updates, coupons, and specials.  See them on YouTube here.


Disclosure: I am part of the Finish® Power & Free™ Alliance of Moms and was compensated and given products to review.  I only post about products I love and use in my own home.  If I don’t like a product I review, I don’t post about it.  Check out my full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Denise G. says:

    I filled out the form and got “Incorrect Response on Question 2″. I’m not sure which question was number 2, but I filled out everything correctly. Anyone else have this issue?

  2. Sam says:

    My family tends to leave their pasta bowls sitting in the sink over night so when I go to clean up in the morning I always find dishes with food dried onto it. Usually I soak them before I put them in the dishwasher, I never knew you didn’t have to do that. Can’t wait to give it a try!

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