Playdoh Play Mat

Every kid loves Playdoh, right?  Am I the only mom that sighs when the kids ask to play with it?

Call me ornery, but I can’t stand picking Playdoh out of my carpets.  I also hate stepping in finding bits and chunks under the table that nobody remembered to pick up.

So, I only let my kids play with Playdoh on the kitchen floor.  Fortunately, they like playing with it on the floor so they can spread out all the accessories.

However, playing with it on the kitchen floor makes extra work for me, too.  Those hard little chunks of dried out ‘doh’ spill out of the toys and wind up all over the place.

A while back I thought of an idea that saved me from having to award myself the ‘Worst Mom of the Year Award’. It has worked so well for us.

It’s one of those simple “why did it take me so long to think of this one” type of things!  I call it the “Playdoh Mat”.  Really original name I came up with, huh?

It is simply a cheap plastic party tablecloth from the dollar store.  I saved one after we had a birthday party and cleaned it well.

Because it’s so thin, it folds up nicely and is kept in the top of our Playdoh bin.

When the kiddos want to pull out the doh, I lay out the Playdoh Mat.  Now they can make their creations and not worry about mom going crazy over the mess.

When they are finished playing, we scoop up the tablecloth and dump the crumbs in the trash.  And when mama’s happy, everybody’s happy. ;)


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  1. Thanks for sharing! Love your posts!
    When my now 8 year old was a baby we had a mat to put under his high chair, the first one wore out, but I cleaned and kept the 2nd one and that’s what I use on my table when he wants to paint or have a messy project! It has worked very well, and when not in use it also folds nicely! When it’s time to clean it I can hang it outside and hose it off!

  2. A.J. Dub says:

    Great idea! I have several of these in the birthday box! We currently use big cookie sheets to try and contain the mess.

  3. Denise says:

    Brilliant, Ginny!!

    I never thought of that for play-dough! We use the same idea for Legos, though. A light colored sheet is spread out, and the mountain of Legos (currently housed in the largest suitcase we own) is dumped on top of it. At the end of play time, we simply grab the 4 corners of the sheet and heave the lot of Legos back into it’s abode. (My mother-in-law came up with that idea :), so I can’t claim credit…)

    Thanks for the wonderful ideas :).

  4. Vanessa says:

    I love this idea. In Sunday School {2-3 year olds} we use a shower curtain liner to cover the floor. :)

  5. Louise says:

    Love this too! And the fact you keep them all in a big lidded tub. I came across your site just a few days ago and I am already hooked, already I can say you supassed the other organization blogs I read. I love the way you are able to make organizing so easy and with such simple ideas that don’t break the bank (but that I never would have thought of). Your writing style is so refreshing and relaxed I feel like I could be talking to a friend rather than a ‘how to’. I have already began to print my home binder and its amazing. Soon I will have all the information I need at my fingertips to stay organized. The cleaning schedule is great and already I am doing what I am meant to be doing instead of getting overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. THANK YOU, I already know I am going to be a long time reader!

    • Ginny says:

      Thank you, Louise! You made my day with you’re super-sweet comment!! I’m glad to know you are enjoying everything, and very happy to hear that you’re working towards getting more organized. Good for you! :)

  6. What a great idea Ginny! I can envision your “Playdoh mat” idea (your right, very original and catchy name :)) being expanded to include not only Playdoh, but food! Just spread out the plastic table cloth under the high chair of your little angel and he can drop as many pieces of ABC pasta as he or she desires! It’s unbelievable how messy kids are at eating and your idea may save a few headaches in this arena as well. Uh, if you’re looking for another original name, we can call it the “Food Mat.” Thanks so much for your continuously helpful organizing ideas, you’ve got us tuned in for sure!

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