155 Stocking Stuffer Ideas Plus Free Printable

If you’ve been following my blog, you may be familiar with the list of stocking stuffer ideas and the free printable I shared last year.  I LOVE finding gifts for family and friends, and I thought you might enjoy a brand new list of ideas this year!

The list is divided into categories to make it easy to find stocking stuffer ideas for dads, moms, kids, tots, practical ideas, and ideas that would work for almost anyone!  This year I decided to add links for many of the ideas to make it easier for you.

Once again, you are welcome to print out the free printable list HERE.  It is copyrighted, so please do not reproduce this printable or share it directly on your own website.  You are definitely welcome to link to this post. Thanks!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas Free Printable

Click HERE for the Stocking Stuffer Ideas FREE PRINTABLE.

There are affiliate links in the list below and on the printable.

Tot Stuffers

1. Training Toothbrush

2. Suction Cup Bath Toys

3. Stackable Bath Cups

4. Waterproof Superbib

5. I Love My Daddy Baby Book

6. Baby Teether

7. Adaptable Utensils

8. Toddler Garden Gloves

9. Go Fish Playing Cards

10. Tykelite Wall Mate

11. Leakproof Straw Bottle

Practical Stuffers

12. Dishwasher Magnet

13. Snack Bag Clips

14. Citrus Peeler

15. Pen Holders

16. Cord Catch

17. Velcro Reusable Self-Gripping Cable Ties

18. Furniture Repair Markers

19. Eyeglass Repair Tools

20. Key Toppers

21. Tomato Saver

22. Penguin Ice Cream Scoop

Anybody Stuffers

23. Coffee Shop Gift Card

24. Cell Phone Car Charger

25. Amazon Gift Card

26. Dutch Blitz

27. Playing Cards

28. LED Booklight

29. Chopsticks

30. Travel Toothbrushes (set of 6)

31. Coffee & Tea Mug Warmer

32. Touchscreen Stylus

33. In-Ear Headphones

34. Travel Mug

35. Camera Memory Card

36. Tablet Screen Protector

Kid Stuffers

37. Bracelet Bands

38. Marbleizing Dotting Pen Set for Nail Art

39. Glitter

40. Thinkfun Distraction Card Game

41. Sun Art Paper

42. Model Magic

43. Dry Erase Crayons

44. Decorative Duct Tape

45. Barbie Sized Shoes (10 pairs)

46. American Girl Doll Shoes

47. Doll Jewelry

48. Glow Stick Bracelets

49. Book Sox

50. Gelly Roll Pen Set

51. Secret Message Pen with Black Light

52. Stinky Stickers®

53. Wild Animal Erasers

54. Ponytail Maker Styling Tool

55. Slipper Socks

56. Webkinz Littlekinz

57. Stick-On Mustaches

58. Swim Goggles

59. Junior Chef Apron

60. Crazy Straw Glasses

61. Harmonica

62. Pencil Pup Pencil Sharpener

63. Spot It

64. Piano Horn

65. Rory’s Story Cubes

66. Think Fun Math Dice

67. Think Fun Gordians Knot

68. Tangle Jr.

69. Milky Way Glow Stickers

70. Nerf Whistler Darts

71. Glow in the Dark Neon Lizards

72. Slamwich

73. Tangle Free Toy Parachute

74. Classic Tin Kaleidoscope

75. Kid Flashlight

76. Laser Finger Beams

77. Economy Stopwatch

78. Puzzle Cube

79. Super Heroes Thumb Wrestlers

80. Magic Towel

81. Glow in the Dark Stars Planets & Quazars

82. Safari Galapagos Toob

83. Spy Voice Scrambler

84. Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch

85. Camouflage Bandages

86. Light Stick

87. Ninja Flash Drive

Dad Stuffers

88. Hunting Camo iPhone Case

89. Sports Hat Beanie

90. Bungee Cords

91. Car/Truck Decals

92. Dipsy Dabber

93. Magnetic Flashlight

94. Geocache Log Book

95. Geocache Swag Stones

96. Mini Micro Tools

97. Kreg Tools Multi-Mark

98. Travel Size Cologne

99. Screwdriver Keys

100. Toe Nail Clippers

101. Outdoor Grill Salt and Pepper Shakers

102. Stainless Steel Pocket Toothpick Holder

103. Collectible Coins

104. Zip Ties

105. Wonderbar Pry Bar

106. Pocket Screwdriver

107. Nano Miniature LED Flashlight Keychain

108. Flint Striker

109. Bobble Head

110. Guitar Picks

111. Weatheready LED Carabineer Rechargeable Crank Light

112. Military Survival Kit Can Opener

113. Bike Computer

114. Seafood Scissors

115. Flex Grip Work Gloves

116. Safety Goggles

117. Ear Plugs

118. Quick Fix Pocket Knife Sharpener

119. Travel Size Back Scratcher

120. Fast Food Gift Card

Mom Stuffers

121. Washi Tape

122. Keyboard Stickers

123. Book Store Gift Card

124.Manicure/Pedicure Gift Card

125. Travel Tissue Packets

126. Paper Straws

127. Garden Gloves

128. Foot Massage Ball

129. Pedometer

130. Teardrop Stickers for Planner

131. Chalkboard Labels

132. Liquid Chalk Marker

133. Magnetic Measuring Spoons

134. Angled Measuring Cups

135. Keurig Alternative K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter

136. Specialty K-Cup Coffee

137. Specialty Tea

138. Chai Tea Latte Concentrate

139. Fruit Scoops

140. 14-Piece Cake Decorating Set

141. Disposable Cake Decorating Bags

142. Decorative Cupcake Papers & Toppers

143. No Mess Utensil Pot Clip

144. Vinyl Car Stickers

145. Label Writer Refill Tape

146. Mason Jar Straw Lids

147. Post-It Notes

148. Essential Oil

149. Mesh Pouf Sponge 

150. Aromatherapy Herbal Soap 

151. Burt’s Bees Essentials

152. Pumice Stone

153. Facial Anti-Stress Mask

154. Manicure Set

155. Fine Tip Wet Erase Markers 


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  1. Jennifer Morse says:

    I am not sure where to print the things from your website because I don’t have a printer and I want them in color?. The library is black and white. Should I go to kinkos? If you have any ideas let me know

    • Ginny says:

      Jennifer, you can save the pdf file to a flash drive and have it printed at any copy shop like Kinkos, Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, etc. I hope that helps. :)

  2. Sabrina says:

    Great list! This will really help people who need inspiration for stocking stuffers.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for posting these great ideas. I was at a loss as to what to fill in my 3 and almost 2 year olds stockings – the candy was the easy part, but just a few pieces of that! I still have 90% of the stockings to fill and I know I can get some of these at the dollars store which is even better. Can’t afford to spend $40-$50 on each one after all.

  4. Danielle says:

    Great website and amazing ideas for stocking stuffers. Merry Christmas to you & your family. :)

  5. Holly says:

    I was so surprised to see Dutch Blitz on the list! One of my favorite games yet not very well known. Thanks for the list!

  6. Thanks for the list. After many many Christmas’ I have started to run out of ideas for stocking stuffers so this will really help me for next year.

    Happy holidays!

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