Organized Kitchens Home Tour with Top Organizing Bloggers

Organized Kitchens Home Tour with the Top Organizing Bloggers

Do you love home tours as much as I do?  I just love gleaning ideas and inspiration from others.  Today, the Top Organizing Bloggers have teamed up to bring you the Organized Kitchens Home Tour. We’ll each be sharing a space in our kitchens to inspire you!  Today, I’ll be sharing my kitchen command center. Check out the links to the other blogs at the end of this post. About two years ago, I came across the idea of storing important paperwork in a kitchen cabinet.  Actually, the idea wasn’t totally new to me since my mother-in-law had been keeping […]

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How to Organize Kids’ Games and a FREE Printable Organizer

How to Make a Game Instructions Binder with FREE Printable

We love games.  We love family game nights and late night fun and games with friends.  Now that our kiddos are growing up, they’re enjoying playing with the games, too.  Unfortunately, they don’t have the same interest in caring for the games as my hubby and I. No matter how much we “encourage” them to put all the parts away when they’re finished playing, it seems like the one thing I constantly find left out are the instructions.  We all know a game is no good if you don’t know how to play it, so keeping the instructions with the […]

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EasyClosets $1,000 Organized Closet Giveaway!

EasyClosets $1,000 Closet Giveaway

This giveaway has ended. Winner has been notified by email.   Have you seen the amazing transformation that happened in my girls’ room closet?  Thanks to EasyClosets, it went from an ugly, outdated, and disorganized closet to a beautifully organized space that will grow with us over the years. I am SO thrilled to tell you that one of YOU will have an opportunity to win a $1,000 closet makeover from EasyClosets!!! Woo hoo! A number of you have asked about the price of the unit we installed.  EasyClosets are completely customizable.  I chose not to throw out a number […]

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Organizing a Shared Kids’ Room Closet ~ EasyClosets Makeover ~ the Reveal

Organized Kids' Closet

If you’re a regular reader of Organizing Homelife, you may know that I’ve been working with the amazing EasyClosets company to transform the closet in my girls’ room from disorganized and outdated to organized and beautiful. Today I’m going to show you the transformation! This is where we left off yesterday.  We took out the old shelves and baseboard and painted the closet to match the room.  Then we put the EasyClosets organizing solution together and were ready to start organizing! My two eldest daughters have dressers in the room, but since we have three girls sharing the same room, […]

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Organizing a Shared Closet with EasyClosets

EasyClosets Organizing Solution

If you missed it yesterday, I announced a super exciting project I’m working on!  How would you like to win a $1,000 custom closet makeover by EasyClosets? Oh, yeah! I’m teaming up with this awesome company to show you some fabulous organizational inspiration AND give one of you the opportunity to get your closet beautifully organized! All three of my girls share the same bedroom and one closet.  It can get disorganized very quickly!  I have tried many things to help them over the years, but nothing solved the problems we were having.  Then I met EasyClosets.  Welcome, organizational heaven. […]

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Organizing a Shared Closet (and some big NEWS)

EasyClosets Girl's Room

The other day on Facebook I asked if you liked organized closets.  Obviously it was a rhetorical question because EVERYONE likes and wants organized closets, am I right? Although organized closets are the stuff of my dreams, that was not reality in my girls’ room.  We have a three bedroom house and four kids: 3 girls and a boy.  That means all three of our girls share one bedroom. I must say that although their room is a good size and their reach-in closet is fairly large, it has been a challenge getting and keeping it organized.  With three girls […]

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Chalk Marker Review

Bistro Chalk Marker

One question I get asked frequently is what brand of chalk markers I use and where to buy them, so I thought I would do a little review of the brands I’ve used.  This is in no way all-encompassing because there are many brands of chalk markers. I’ll review four brands in this post. The first brand, Craft Smart, was the first chalk marker I bought.  I believe I found it at Michael’s Craft Store over a year ago.  While it is not my favorite marker for writing smoothly, it was the one that erased cleanly without the need for […]

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How to Erase Chalk Markers Easily

How to Erase Chalk Markers Easily

Have you joined the chalkboard craze?  It seems like everywhere you look you see chalkboard labels, framed chalkboards, even entire walls painted with chalkboard paint. When I first started seeing the labels a few years ago, I could hardly believe people would want to label anything with chalk.  Without revealing too much about my age, I remember loving when it was my turn to clap erasers for my teachers.  Do you remember the clouds of dust?  I do!  I certainly didn’t want all that chalk dust in my house. But happily, chalk markers were invented!  Labeling bins and baskets with […]

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How to Make Cabinet Door Pockets to Organize Bills and Receipts

How to Organize Bills & Receipts with Cabinet Door Pockets

When I shared my 31 Day series of How to Organize Your Kitchen Frugally, I showed you how I organize the constant stream of paperwork that comes and goes without letting it pile up by using a kitchen cupboard as a command center. I made some pockets from scrapbook paper that I hung on the inside of the door, and today I’m going to show you how I made them.  It’s super easy and can be done with or without a laminator. If you remember reading my command center post, you may remember that my door pockets were black and […]

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Organized Reader Spaces and Questions Answered ~ Organize Your Kitchen Frugally Day 31

Organized Reader Features

Welcome to Day 31 of my month long series “How to Organize Your Kitchen Frugally in 31 Days”.  Every day during the month of October I will be sharing an organized space in my kitchen with you.  My goal is to inspire you and give you ideas on how you can organize your kitchen. If you missed it, you may want to read why I’m embracing my outdated kitchen.  It might give you a little perspective on why the pictures of my kitchen organization won’t be “magazine worthy”, but helpful for real life organization. Welcome to the last day of […]

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