Recipe Binder Organization & Duo Binder Giveaway ~ Organize Your Kitchen Frugally Day 30

Printable Recipe Binder

Welcome to Day 30 of my month long series “How to Organize Your Kitchen Frugally in 31 Days”.  Every day during the month of October I will be sharing an organized space in my kitchen with you.  My goal is to inspire you and give you ideas on how you can organize your kitchen. If you missed it, you may want to read why I’m embracing my outdated kitchen.  It might give you a little perspective on why the pictures of my kitchen organization won’t be “magazine worthy”, but helpful for real life organization. If you’ve been following this series […]

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Salad in a Jar


One of my favorite things to do is streamline something that isn’t efficient into a smoothly functioning way of life. I made a choice a few months ago, after being inspired by Rachael Ray, to lose a pound a week just by dropping 500 calories from my daily diet. I’m telling you, it worked!  I’ve lost 12 pounds since June.  Okay, I started exercising, too, but I have definitely noticed a difference in the way I think about food.  All I have to do is get to 500.  What’s that, two less cookies? One of the changes I made over […]

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