How to Organize Kids’ Games and a FREE Printable Organizer

How to Make a Game Instructions Binder with FREE Printable

We love games.  We love family game nights and late night fun and games with friends.  Now that our kiddos are growing up, they’re enjoying playing with the games, too.  Unfortunately, they don’t have the same interest in caring for the games as my hubby and I. No matter how much we “encourage” them to put all the parts away when they’re finished playing, it seems like the one thing I constantly find left out are the instructions.  We all know a game is no good if you don’t know how to play it, so keeping the instructions with the […]

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New Year’s Organizing Revolution…A Big Challenge with HUGE Prizes


The start of a new year is one of my favorite times of year.  Not so much for the wintry weather (I’m a summer-lovin’ gal), but the chance to get organized during the dreary days of winter brings a sense of order and renewal.  It’s nice to get things together in preparation for busier months when our schedules pull us in all directions. Many people set New Year’s resolutions in hopes of making positive changes in their lives and homes.  Well, I am so excited to tell you that 7 Organizing Bloggers are working together to bring you a huge […]

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Bookcase Makeover: From Drab to Fab

truck on road

I was invited to participate in a project hosted by Wayfair.  They challenged a few bloggers to take one of their products and change it creatively.  I love a good challenge, so I decided to go for it! The product I chose was a simple 3-tier bookcase.  I had a few ideas immediately when I saw it, so I checked the measurements and decided this piece was for me. sent a $50 gift card to pay for any supplies I would need for the challenge.  Awesome! I had planned to use this bookcase in my son’s room as a […]

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Playdoh Play Mat

Playdoh mat

Every kid loves Playdoh, right?  Am I the only mom that sighs when the kids ask to play with it? Call me ornery, but I can’t stand picking Playdoh out of my carpets.  I also hate stepping in finding bits and chunks under the table that nobody remembered to pick up. So, I only let my kids play with Playdoh on the kitchen floor.  Fortunately, they like playing with it on the floor so they can spread out all the accessories. However, playing with it on the kitchen floor makes extra work for me, too.  Those hard little chunks of […]

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My Favorites Friday #3 ~ Toy Organization & Storage

14 Storage Unit

Oh, toy organization.  It’s so much fun isn’t it? {wink, wink}  And it is always in a constant state of change due to the arrival of new toys for birthdays, Christmas, etc., and ever increasing maturity {hopefully!} of our children. I love having cute and functional storage spaces for our things.  Appearance {for moms} and labeling/easy access {for kids} make toy clean-up and organization achievable.  I think it’s SO much easier to put things where they belong if it looks nice and it’s clearly labeled. Kids are much more apt to put things in their place if they are labeled […]

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