Duo Multitasking Binder FREE SHIPPING Code & Giveaway Winners

You asked for it, you got it!  So many of you told me how much you loved the amazing Duo Multitasking Binder that I was giving away last week, but you didn’t love the price of shipping.

Duo Multitasking Binder

I am so happy to announce that for the entire month of February, readers of Organizing Homelife can enjoy FREE SHIPPING on the Duo Multitasking Binder sold on Wayfair.  Click HERE to buy using the free shipping code DUOFREESHIP:

***Note: There is a little confusion on Wayfair site about the code.  Please note that you DO NOT need to worry about the “Free Shipping on orders over $69.00″.  Just below that you will see the free shipping code for the binder. :)

Click HERE to Buy with Free Shipping!

It comes in a variety of colors:

Binder Collage

And now to announce the winners of the Duo Multitasking Binder giveaway!

#22117 Kerri

#8235 Beth

#25015 Nicole

#6902 Miranda

#24220 Kara

Congratulations to all the winners.  Enjoy your binders!

(winners have been notified by email)




  1. Brooke says

    Or Australia! Wonder if this product will make it’s way here any time soon – because I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing the free shipping code anyway. Love your site & use your printables! Cheers!!

  2. Sara says

    Sad I didn’t win, but happy for the free shipping code!! Thanks for sharing it, I think these will be great organizing tools!!

  3. Brenda W says

    I am so excited I ordered mine last night and also purchased the complete blog planner printables. I am going to get myself organized this year and my blog really up and going.

  4. Katie says

    Would love this folder as my home management file, but also in New Zealand!. Boo.
    Quick question, once you have printed all the sheets for the home management binder, are you adding anything else to the binder, statements other paper work?; as it looks a little sparse. How do you work with yours in reality. I am loving the lists and scheduling, I’m rubbish at organising a home (at work excellent), this is helping me so much. A big thank you. “love it”.

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