My Favorites Friday #4 ~ Pantry Organization

Those of you that have a kitchen pantry can probably all agree on one thing – it is difficult to keep it neat and organized!  When everyone in a family has access to one closet, it can get pretty out of control if things do not have specific places and labels – and that only works if your family actually puts things where they belong.

I don’t know about your family, but in mine – we all have different interests.  One of my kids has the same organizational interests that I have.  The other three?  Well, lets just say they’re gifted at other things. ;)

I decided to feature some great looking pantries this week, but I didn’t want to feature things that are unattainable for families (at least in my home!).

So, I decided to highlight my favorite pantries from around blog land that have practical storage solutions.  I’ve also included some extras like free printable labels!

I love the practicality of this pantry from 11 Magnolia Lane.  Having a place to write the grocery list right at your fingertips is such a great idea.

I also love how she has the cereal and crackers on a low shelf.  I keep the cereal (and oatmeal) on the bottom shelf, too {so the kiddos can reach it}, but her picture is much cuter! ;)

Shoe organizers are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to organize small items.  I love Money Saving Queen’s idea of using one over the pantry door to hold kids’ snacks, treats and lunch items.  I also love that she found a place to keep those crazy twisty straws organized!

Teresa at Whatever transformed her pantry using this stylish wallpaper.  I totally need to do this – white walls are so boring.  I love the baskets, too!

House of Smiths also has an amazing pantry re-do, only she used vinyl to decorate the walls instead of wallpaper.  I love the quatrefoil pattern on gray.  I never thought I would love a gray pantry so much!

I absolutely love the slide out drawers in this pantry found on Picasa.  There is no blog associated with the picture, so I can’t help you with how they did it, but it sure does look like something you could snag at Lowes.  It makes great use of a small space, doesn’t it?

Who else has ever had an onion or potato rot in their pantry?  Oh, that smell!  I love these baskets from Willow House to keep onions and potatoes in sight so they don’t go bad.

If I had an inch of extra space next to my fridge, I would beg and grovel for my hubby to build me one of these.  What a great use of space!  Thanks to Learning to Be Me for the idea.

This is one idea that I am definitely putting into action.  I have two small shelves in my pantry dedicated to cans.  They are always stacked double high and I’m so afraid that they will fall on little toes someday.  I just love this idea from PB & J Stories!  Check out her blog, I love the other pictures of her pantry re-do, too!

I love The Container Store’s over-the-door rack systems by elfa.  I visited TCS last week and was SO close to getting one, but it just wasn’t in the budget.  I remembered that they had a sale online not too long ago, so I’m keeping my eyes and ears open!  They are sturdy and I just love how deep some of the baskets are {you can easily store two-liter bottles in them}!  It makes perfect use of otherwise wasted space in a pantry.

One of my least favorite areas in my pantry are the corners.  I think this is such an excellent solution from Decor Chick to make every bit of space usable!

Don’t you just love free things?  Just Something I Made has some great labels for kitchens in several different styles.  She also has a great tutorial on how she printed them out on decal paper and applied them to all different kinds of canisters and cans.  They have a vintage style and are super cute.

I found these great ideas via Pinterest. I would love to have you follow my pinboards to keep up with my latest pins!

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I hope you’ll stop back next week for My Favorites Friday #5!

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  1. Great ideas!!! Looks like I have projects to do this weekend!!

  2. anna says:

    Love your blog…I am hooked. Keep up the good work!

  3. Nina says:

    I love the pictures really much.

    Greetings from Germany,


  4. Pamela says:

    Thank you so much for including part of my pantry in your wonderful collection!

    Thank you

  5. teresa says:

    So fun to see my Pantry here….thanks for shout out.
    Happy Day

  6. Shinypigeon says:

    You’ve inspired me to sort out my cupboards this weekend! My kitchen is too small to have a dedicated pantry, so I just use 2 small cupboards, but they need a sort and refill.

  7. These all look great, Ginny! Thanks for including my pantry…the sad thing is that we’ve moved since then, and while I have a much bigger pantry now, it’s in need of a complete makeover. It’s on my list for 2012, though!

  8. Malinda says:

    I am working on redoing my pantry right now. Unfortunately my pantry only consists of a lazysusan corner cabinet and 1 other medium sized cabinet. I am actually thinking of transforming the coat closet right outside of my kitchen to a large pantry. My question though is…I love the baskets but what do you actually keep in them?

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