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The purpose of Organizing Homelife is to help you get organized in the midst of a busy life.  By sharing ideas, tips, DIY projects and tutorials, my goal is to assist you in organizing your life so you can spend your time enjoying those things that are most important to you, like your family!

Before I started Organizing Homelife, I thought blogging would simply be a hobby.  I envisioned myself quickly typing up posts with tips to help others.  If you have ever blogged before, you know what a joke that is!  Blogging takes a TON of time.  To have a successful blog, the average blogger spends upwards of 20-30 hours (many times more!) per week working on projects, taking pictures during projects, editing pictures, writing and editing posts, keeping up with social media, and spending time interacting with their readers.  In addition, answering emails and working with advertisers also takes quite a bit of time.

Therefore, I feel it is fair to be compensated for the time and effort I put into sharing with my readership.  Aside from the time I invest, it also costs money to run a blog.  There are hosting and domain fees, tech assistance, and more.  Sometimes, when you follow a link on my site to an external source, such as Amazon, or click on an ad in my sidebar, I receive a small kickback.  Once in a while I will write a sponsored post if I feel the information is beneficial to my readership.  I try only to choose sponsored posts that would be helpful and informative, and turn down many that are unrelated to what my readership is interested in.  You are much more important to me than earning money!

I also host giveaways, but again, I choose only to offer products that are related to the interests of my readers.  I usually prefer to review a product before hosting a giveaway so I can offer my honest opinion on the product.  If I do not approve of the product, I will not post a review on it.  You can be sure that the products I feature are truly products I would recommend to anyone, and use myself!

I absolutely will not write a post, host a giveaway, or accept advertising for products or businesses that have dishonest practices or policies (that I am or am made aware of).  I also hold very high personal standards for honesty, so when I feature an advertiser or product, the opinions I share are solely mine and are not influenced by a dollar amount.

If you ever have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I realize not everyone may agree with my personal standards, but I choose to live with integrity so I always welcome your input and concerns.

This policy was last updated September 11, 2012.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Love this!!!

  2. JULIE says:


  3. tammy says:

    I just started to stay home and take care of my home full time. I was a personal assistant and had my organization down at work. Now I want to apply myself at home and get just as organized there. This would be just what I’m looking for to get me started!

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