Editable Grocery List (Filled In Version)

Would you like a printable that will shorten your grocery shopping time and make it easy to remember what groceries you run out of? One of my most popular printables is the Grocery List printable.

It’s simple to use – just check off commonly used foods when you run out! Print out several copies at a time (or laminate one!) and keep them on the side of your fridge. Whenever you run out of something, it’s easy for any member of the family to add it to the list by checking the box next to the item.

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This filled in list is categorized in the order that many grocery stores are set up so you can go down the columns as you walk through the store. But the great news is, it’s fully editable so if it doesn’t match your grocery store’s layout, you can easily change it! That way, you can walk through the store, checking off items as you go, and never have to backtrack! It saves SO much time when grocery shopping!
This grocery list is fully editable in both the list and title fields. I highly recommend the Nitro PDF Reader (totally free) for the best viewing and editing experience. A link to the Nitro Reader is in the file or you can download it HERE.

To edit your grocery list, simply type into the blue text fields. Check boxes may also be checked, if desired. Blue highlights are for the purpose of showing where the text fields are and will not appear when the document is printed.

Text may also be saved in the document when it is saved to your computer. This feature makes future editing simple!

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