3M Scotch-Brite Stay Clean Challenge and a Giveaway

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With summer coming to an end and the back to school season beginning once again, many of us are working hard to get our homes organized and back into a cleaning routine.  A few weeks ago, Scotch-Brite contacted me about reviewing some of their new products and I was happy to do it!

3M Scotch-Brite Stay Clean Giveaway

In my house, I do most of the cooking, but the one thing my hubby loves to cook are eggs.  Thankfully, he uses one of our non-stick pans so clean-up isn’t difficult, but cleaning that egg gunk out of my sponge is never fun.

I’ve used dishwands in the past, but I love Scotch-Brite’s new line of Stay Clean dishwands and sponges.  Some sponges really hang on to leftover food pieces, but the Stay Clean sponges don’t trap food – even eggs and cheese!

Cleaning with the Scotch-Brite Stay Clean Dishwand

Egg on the Sponge

Just rinse it with water and the food pieces fall right off!

Easy Clean-Up with the Stay Clean Dishwand It’s also super easy to change the sponge when it starts to wear out.

Scotch-Brite Sponge Refill

The Stay Clean non-scratch Scrubbing Dishcloths are also wonderful for scrubbing baked on foods or hard to clean pots and pans.  They safely clean all cookware including stainless steel, copper, and non-stick coatings.

Stay Clean Scrub and Wipe Pad

Stay Clean Scrub and Wipe on Hard to clean pans Clean-Up with the Scrub and Wipe Pad

Using the Scrub and Wipe Pad

Food debris easily rinses away with hardly a trace left behind!

All Clean with the Scotch-Brite Scrub and Wipe Pad

Here are a few of the great features of the Stay Clean products:

  • Food won’t stick to the unique scrubbing surface
  • Non-scratch—safe for glassware
  • Cellulose is 100% plant-based and is better for absorbing than other materials such as foam
  • Comfortable, easy-grip shape

How Would You Like to Try It?

And now, I’ve got a challenge for you!  When you’re cleaning up sticky messes, tell me how you like to make cleaning easier.  Simply leave a comment below with your best tip and you’ll automatically be entered to win a Scotch-Brite Stay Clean bundle including:

  • Stay Clean Dishwand
  • Stay Clean Dishwand Refill
  • Stay Clean Scrubbing Dish Cloths
  • Stay Clean Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge
  • Baking Dish
  • Silicone Pot Holder

3M Scotch-Brite Stay Clean Giveaway


Scotch-Brite may choose some of the best tips from Organizing Homelife to feature on their site and social media channels!

The Fine Print:

  • One winner will be chosen randomly using Random.org to receive a Scotch-Brite Stay Clean bundle including a Stay Clean Dishwand, Stay Clean Dishwand Refill, Stay Clean Scrub and Wipe Pad, Stay Clean Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge, Baking Dish, and a Silicone Pot Holder.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Open to U.S. Residents only.
  • Entrants must be 18 years or older.
  • Giveaway begins Wednesday, August 14, 2013 and ends at 11:59 p.m. eastern time Wednesday, August 21, 2013.
  • Winner will be e-mailed and announced here on Thursday, August 22, 2013.
  • Winner has 7 days to respond to e-mail.


This post was sponsored by 3M Scotch-Brite.  My opinions are 100% my own and I was not influenced to write a positive review.


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  1. Kristy says:

    I love to wet down sticky messes, let soak then easily wipe the mess away!

  2. Jackie says:

    I have found that fabric softener is great for removing really burnt on stains, but baking soda also works well. With either on I just pour/sprinkle onto the pot and let it sit for 30 minutes (while I clean everything else) and then just wipe it clean.

  3. Sakura says:

    I purchased an inexpensive plastic dish pan and soak the worst of the cooked on/sticky messes. It’s also my go to for soaking off labels. The dish pan is a life saver because I don’t have to worry about tying up my sink or wasting extra water to fill the larger sink up. I also move it into the laundry area to soak clothes when I need it. Best $1.50 I ever spent.

    • Jennifer says:

      That sounds like a fantastic idea! I get so tired of going to use my sick and it has been taken up by a soaking dish. I never thought of another container to put it in!!

    • lynda Stahl says:

      Love this idea! Husband ( who does all the cooking) lives the ” major” cleanup to me and complains that I never clean out the sink. Never thought about using another container for soaking,.. but question for you…..does the plastic discolor or disfigure? Does the water stay warm enough for the sticky mess to melt.

  4. kia says:

    i like to make cleaning easier by having good products that make cleaning seem like less of a chore. The more suited a product is to a task, the more fun and less like hard work the task seems! :)

  5. Kristi says:

    With 4 children, ages 4 and under, baby wipes are my BEST friend! I know they’re not the best environmentally, but they help me clean up all my sticky kids after sweet treats or PB & J (a daily staple in our house) and I can use them on the table as well and not have to worry about ruining the surface.
    These Scotch-Brite cleaners look great though. I would love to try them!

  6. Jennifer C says:

    I let them soak to make it easier to clean.

  7. Heather says:

    I use a homemade citrus vinegar spray to help clean up sticky messes!

  8. Kristie says:

    Soaking really hard baked on food in water with part of a fabric softener sheet helps!!! I would love to try these items!!!

  9. Crystal Blanton says:

    After cleaning the kitchen, I like to spray the counters and wipe them down one last time. I’d like to try some of your sponges for this task. Thanks!

  10. Pauline says:

    To clean up sticky messes – I usually soak the pan in very hot soapy water for at least ten minutes and then get to work with the scrubber sponge and elbow grease!!

  11. Kendra says:

    When I have a sticky stuck on mess in the microwave I just put a glass bowl of water in the microwave and turn it on for 5 minutes. Let sit an additional 5 minutes to steam and then you can just wipe everything right out with no effort at all! Easy peasy!

  12. Deborah Freeman says:

    My biggest thing is just cleaning as I go rather than leaving a mess for later and I will stay up forever to have the kitchen clean before I go to bed! ;)

  13. Kasey Delaughter says:

    I spray it down with Method cleaner, let it sit for a minute or two, then wipe right up! These look great for wiping up the mess!

  14. Elaine says:

    For easy clean up, I usually line all baking pans & sheets with foil. A bit wasteful, but definitely makes cleaning up a quick process. Would love to try these Stay Clean products instead!

  15. Breen Berger says:

    I put hot water immediately in the pan after serving while still hot to “deglaze” the bits then wash up later is a breeze.

  16. Courtney D says:

    I always try to put a little bit of dish soap in the pan and hot water as soon as I’m done cook. This helps soften stuck on food and keeps it from drying if I can’t clean it right away.

  17. Neisha Layman says:

    If a dish is really built up with a sticky mess I find adding water and heating up on the stove will loosen up the grime enough to get it unstuck.

  18. Robin says:

    Let them soak. I use vinegar and baking soda on a lot of things. Dawn dish soap in laundry, for food grease stain.

  19. Jennifer Orbin says:

    With 2 little ones and another on the way any help is nice. These look great!

  20. Palma says:

    A couple minutes on a hot stove with water and a splash of dawn makes any pot/pan a since to clean!

  21. Heather Shepherd says:

    Thank you for the chance to win!!! I love your facebook pins!!! Very helpful!

  22. Nikki says:

    I have found that a little Dawn dish soap and vinegar mixture in water and then let it soak for about half an hour works. It usually just lets you wipe off the mess. I use the Scotch-Brite products too and they are great.

  23. Jackie Moore says:

    I like to soak my dishes in steaming hot water and let sit overnight. If I need it cleaned the same day, I will pour in boiling water and let sit until the water cools.

  24. Nancy says:

    I love any new or even old products to discover to help me clean at home…I also love to try new things out at my job which is janitorial at a school….anything that I don’t have to touch is an awesome thing….a good handle means no germs for me!!!!!

  25. Melissa B says:

    I use my non-stick pans, which helps a lot to cut down on having to scrub, but for a super messy pan, and good soak with some hot water and dish soap usually does the trick!

  26. Liz I says:

    with sticky messes it’s best to clean up immediately…the longer you wait, the harder it is to clean! also a big fan of baby wipes :)

  27. Linda Fullerton says:

    Usually soak pans. Sometimes a bit of water and heating on stove works. Would love to give these a try!! Thank you!!

  28. Angie says:

    I put water and a few drops of Dawn in a pan with stuck-on bits. Put it on the burner until it starts to boil and then let it sit for a while. Clean up is a breeze!

  29. Constance White says:

    I already use the dish wand. Love it!
    The set looks awesome.

  30. Samantha Spartan says:

    Ohh! Cleaning supplies!

  31. Rita c says:

    Bar keepers friend and a little elbow grease cleans any burnt mess on my stainless steel.

  32. Karen J says:

    I usually clean my pots and pans as I go. If time doesn’t allow for this, especially with spaghetti sauce, I give the pan a quick rinse while it is still fresh. Makes for quick clean up.

  33. Kris Josefy says:

    I soak hard to get off things with hot water and Dawn for a little while to loosen it up.

  34. Anna C. says:

    I put hot water in a pan as soon as I’m done with it. It helps with cleaning it later. I also soak dishes in the sink for awhile before I start cleaning them.

  35. Melanie Anderson says:

    I use lemon and baking soda for everything. Nice smell, some acid and grit,. Gets most everything in the kitchen sparkly clean.

  36. Rebecca F. says:

    When I have a stuck on mess, I use baking soda and hot water and let it soak for awhile.

  37. LoriAnne in Oregon says:

    My best tip for making cleaning easier…..is to have someone else do the cleaning!!! Well that is my dream…..but I think the best tip is to clean as you go. Don’t let anything sit around, dry on, and become stubborn to remove.

  38. Jennifer says:

    I try not to let things sit. Sometimes, time doesn’t allow. But definitely cleaning as you go is the best tip I have!

  39. Breanna says:

    I’m faithful to my dish soap and the tinsel looking scrubbies. I hate cleaning out all of the gunk though. I tend to just use my hand an the wooden spoon I cooked with to get most of it off first. But when all else fails I’ll just plan on picking/rinsing/banging the scrubbie… and if that doesn’t work then I throw it out and get a new one. :)

  40. Michelle says:

    I like to go natural with my cleaning products, so I use vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide whenever possible. I really like to use vinegar + Dawn dish soap + water + lemon or orange scents to clean. Plus, the wands are wonderful!!!!!

  41. Melissa Bowles says:

    I always let hot water sit in the pot before washing it. It makes cleaning it so much easier (with a garbage disposal of course :) )

  42. Kathi Clark says:

    I always soak my pots and pans right away to make cleaning up easier.

  43. Tanya Darvell says:

    I soak in hot water with a little soap while we have dinner and then by the time we are finished everything is ready to be washed right off.

  44. Mary K says:

    When it comes to sticky messes on the floor, I go with a steam mop. They work wonders. For sticky messes in the rest of the house, I let an all natural cleaner sit for a few minutes, then it usually comes right off. : )

  45. Tara H says:

    I like to let things soak. I’d love to try these sponges. I’ve never been a sponge user but these look great!

  46. Jennifer says:

    My husband works for a cleaning supply company so we are trying new products all the time but still I have to say that I’m a soaker. I let things soak in soap (or what ever product he brings home) and water and it makes it so much easier. I’ve also found that sometimes it helps to clean a pan when it is still slightly warm, just depending on the dish that was made.

  47. April says:

    I clean as I cook, that way food doesn’t have a chance to stick to whatever I’m using, and I always soak casserole dishes before washing once they’re empty. But since my husband does most of the cooking, I have to follow him around and clean before things set. He doesn’t clean as he works… yet.

  48. Clever Colleen says:

    I love my Scotch-Brite wand. I have used it for a long time. They haven’t had the purple stay-clean refills for very long, but I can tell you that I am a fan! The old yellow and green refills do allow the food to stick…nobody likes that. This is a great giveaway! I don’t have any super tip to share, but like others – I prefer to soak my very dirty dishes or pots in some hot water with Dawn detergent to degrease and loosen up the stuck on mess before I attempt to clean those dishes. Everything else just gets wiped down (with my Scotch-Brite wand, of course) and loaded up into the dishwasher.

  49. Lo ri says:

    For anything that gets away from me and dries on the counter before I catch it, I wet a paper towel and let it soak and soften it up for a few minutes to make for an easy clean up! Would love to try these… I hate it when the stuff you scrub sticks to the pad ! thank you so much!

  50. Ann C says:

    I find soaking the dishes/pans in hot soapy water while I have my meal so that when I am ready to wash, the dishes/pans are that much easier to clean. I use a deep bowl filled with hot soapy water for soaking the dirty cooking utensils (spatula/basting brush, etc.) while I soak my dishes and I find the depth of the bowl allows good submersion and at the same time separate the utensils from the dishes – sort of like organized cleaning.

  51. Christina in No Ky says:

    If I have a pan with stuck on stuff I usually sprinkle it with baking soda, cover with water and bring to a boil. Then I turn off and let soak for 15 min. That will usually do the trick!

  52. Marsha says:

    I am always up for trying something new. I usually don’t buy a product unless someone else has it. If I like it that is when I buy it and use it in my home.

  53. Rachel Brooks says:

    Soaking makes a big difference, but to have something that wouldn’t trap the scrambled eggs and other debris would be WONDERFUL! Will have to shop!

  54. Kim B says:

    I keep a Scotch Brite Wand filled with dish soap and white vinegar in each of my showers for a quick cleaning after each shower.
    Love the wand!!

  55. Elena Vassilieva says:

    I usually don’t through away the orange/lemon peels. I use them as a disposal cleaner: Drop the peels into the disposal with three or more ice cubes. The ice cubes cool the grease, solidifying it, and the acid in the peels cuts it away. Turn on the disposal until the peels, ice cubes and grease are gone. The citrus peels release a clean scent as they are broken down.

  56. Tammy says:

    I usually just let them soak in hot water…although there are a lot of awesome tips here to try!!!

  57. Joan B says:

    If I’m cooking or baking I like to clean up as I go along as I hate a messy kitchen. So I soak with dish soap and hot water as soon as I finish with it then come back to it a few minutes later. My favorite color is Purple, so I love these new scrubbing cloths and wand.

  58. Susan J. says:

    I agree with Jackie Baking Soda works great for sticky messes and it doesn’t scratch up your pans. I have used the Scott Scrubbing Wands for a long time and absolutely LOVE them not only to clean my pots and pans with but I also use it to clean my porcelain sink and it doesn’t scratch it at all.

  59. Carol says:

    I hope this will work! I burned cabbage in a ceramic pot and have tried everything!!!! No luck!!!

  60. aprila says:

    I soak dishes that have stuck on stuff and I try to clean up countertop spills right away

  61. Sandra Mertz says:

    Peroxide, lemon juice and water make a good spray to keep on hand to clean up all kinds of kitchen messes.

  62. Shannon says:

    For messes in the microwave I put a small bowl of water in and turn the microwave on for a minute and then let it sit for another minute or so and the stuck on gunk wipes right off.

  63. Leo's says:

    I cook dinner, my husband and daughter clean up after dinner! Its a team effort. We run fantastic as a team! I love my family!

  64. Laura says:

    The best advice is to try to clean it up right away. The longer it sits, the harder it is to get anything up! I use natural cleaners, too – baking soda and vinegar are my two favorite cleaning supplies.

  65. Amy C says:

    Adding water to a still hot pot while on the stove does help to remove stuck on messes.

  66. Maggie says:

    I usually let my husband do the sticky messes. He has better elbow grease than me. He uses hot water to soak them, a brillo pad and some elbow grease. I’m sure he would love to try these.

  67. Stephanie says:

    I always rinse while fresh so no mess sticks!

  68. Jess McCarthy says:

    When my pots are really bad, I squirt a little dish soap in them. Then, I put some water in and put them back on the stove top to boil for a few minutes. It makes the stuck on stuff loosen up.

  69. Kelly Espinoza says:

    Soak, soak, soak!! The only thing that works for me is soaking my dishes, pots and pans in warm soapy water. :-)

  70. Liza says:

    I clean mine with dish soap and baking soda. It works great!

  71. lisa i says:

    I usually let mine soak a little before cleaning. It makes cleaning and scrubbing a bit easier.

  72. Christina Fabanich says:

    If it’s something that can go in the microwave I’ll put a couple drops of dish soap in it with hot water, place in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and then it usually wipes out. If it can’t go in the microwave then I’ll put it in the sink filled with super hot water, a little dish soap and let it soak.

  73. Kris C. says:

    When I cook things that make a mess in the pot, I usually fill the pot partially with hot water immediately after taking the food out and set it back on the hot stove. By the time dinner is over and I am washing dishes, the sticky mess is usually easy to clean out.

  74. pamtx says:

    I’ve learned of the joys of Dawn dish soap mixed with vinegar to clean up sticky, gooey messes. Pans get filled with the mix and water and left to soak for 5 or more minutes. I use a dish wand with the mix to clean the sink; works great on shower walls for soap scum too.

    I run my sponges through the dishwasher to freshen them, but it still doesn’t take off all the “stuck in the crevices” food from the scrubby side of the sponge. These new sponges look like they make clean up a breeze!

    Anything to make life easier.

  75. Brittany Kearns says:

    I like to use baking soda for most problems. It gets almost all problems areas cleaned quickly and completely

  76. Sherri Bailey says:

    If I have a burnt on mess, I add just enough water to cover the mess and let it soak overnight.

  77. Jenny says:

    I always try to rinse things immediately to prevent dried on food but when that happens, soaking :)

  78. Tiffany says:

    I’m a big fan of water and vinegar and a bit of elbow grease!! I try not to let things set too long if they are really stuck on though.

  79. Melissa Meissner says:

    These new products from 3M look amazing! Everyone could use these to cut the kitchen clean up time in half! Love that food doesn’t get stuck in the sponge.

  80. Kathleen White says:

    My new best friend for ANY tuff stains is a mixture of
    Equal parts
    Dawn kitchen soap
    Hydrogen peroxide
    Then sprinkle baking soda on top of stain
    Add above mixture
    Rub in with soft bristle brush
    And…..let sit 5-10 min and rinse

  81. Paula Brown says:

    I soak, elbow grease and pray. I would love to try these. Maybe I could get some of the dishes my husband has supposedly scrubbed clean and get the built up grease off that I find on the few pots he uses that I don’t but have buildup on I would love to get rid of.

  82. Amy says:

    Love the color of this new product! Food not sticking to the pad is an added bonus.

  83. Tammy Martin says:

    I use baking soda and vinegar for lots of things!
    I would love to try these new products!

  84. Lisa says:

    The wands that you can add soap to are a great tool for cleaning out the tub! Scrubbing and soap all in one.

  85. Sarah says:

    If I know I’m not going to do dishes right away I always give them a quick rinse or soak the pots/pans so it won’t be as difficult to wash later.

  86. Kelly Levesque says:

    I soak messy pots and dishes in hot water with Dawn dish detergent. That is the only detergent I use.

  87. Destiny says:

    I like to let sticky messes sit in hot, soapy water until the water is cold. It’s always so much easier to scrub after that.

  88. Monica says:

    I let really icky items soak in vinegar – then rinse & scrub.

  89. Joyce M. says:

    Frequent cleaning makes for quicker cleaning! When we moved into our house, our stove was just caked with grease. After getting the layers off, daily cleaning (just a wipedown after every meal even if I didn’t necessarily use the stove) makes it easier to not have to scrub as much.

  90. Tara Drummond says:

    I make a baking soda paste rub on let sit and then wash with hot water and dawn.

  91. shelly says:

    I love my 2 sided sponge

  92. Diki says:

    What an awesome set to win!! I usually clean as i go because i don’t like to fight with stuff later. For those pans that have tough baked on food in them i soak them for about an hour starting with hot water and then wash them. I am a huge fan of the scrubbing dishcloths, they are fantabulous for cleaning all my dirty dishes and are wonderful for pans or anything else that needs that extra scrubbing. Makes clean-up so much easier and they don’t scratch!

  93. Wendy N. says:

    For really burnt on sticky messes, I put the pan in the sink and pour on boiling water and dish soap and let it soak.

  94. Mara says:

    Soaking helps immensely!

  95. Andrea Hedstrom says:

    I am a huge fan of Scotch-Brite Sponges!! That is all I use in my house. When I have a sticky mess to clean up, I dampen my Scotch-Brite sponge (I use the blue one) with a bit of Dawn soap and set it on the area and work the product around. I rinse the sponge head back and usually I am able to to clean the area right up. Works every time!!

  96. Jessica Mevius says:

    Soak orange peel in a mason jar of vinager to create a fresh all natural multipurpose cleaner!

  97. Josie says:

    I use foil on sticky stubborn messes on my stainless steel pots and pans, along with other dishes that can’t be scratched. I use it to clean my oven too. I put foil in a ball and scrub it all off till its shiny again…. like new! No soaking needed!

  98. muriel says:

    I use salt to help scrub stuck on food off dishes.

  99. Mandy S says:

    For sticky messes I either let it soak with/in water, greased lightening or awesome or some kind of goo gone!

  100. Heather J. says:

    My best tip is that I generally don’t let anything get that bad. (I know that sounds snobby!) I was dishes as soon as they’re done – ie I make dinner of baked ziti, when it comes out of the oven, I’ll plate up what we’re going to eat and immediately put the leftovers in their respective leftover containers. Double bonus: the pan is still hot when I put it in the water so it cleans up easier and helps with portion control for me & my hubby who have a tendency to overeat :)

  101. Jen says:

    Letting hard cooked on food soak. (We use stainless steel pans). I also constantly wipe and clean up as I go while cooking, makes the end job MUCH more manageable.

  102. Amanda says:

    I just recently bought crock pot bags – so I’m hoping that will help! I also soak and soak and soak overnight. 90% of my dishes are done the next day/morning!

  103. Meredith says:

    My tip…I rotate chores with my husband. This way I don’t get frustrated with doing the same cleaning day in and day out!

  104. Amy G says:

    If I have sticky messes on the stove (glass top) I leave a wet rag over it while I clean the rest of the kitchen. When I am finished the sticky mess usually wipes right off.

  105. Valerie C says:

    I try to clean as I go so that it doesn’t have a chance to get caked on.

  106. Leah A. says:

    Never let my Mother-in-Law cook.

  107. I always soak my stubborn dishes! I love the options that they have to choose from!

  108. SalBug says:

    I have a bin of clean white washcloths (Wal-Mart cheapies) that I keep under the sink, and it sits in a larger bin that holds the dirty cloths. I use one a day (or more, if needed!) to wipe the counter and do general cleaning throughout the day. Sometimes I end the day by wiping up the floor if spotted. I then hang the wet cloth on a 3M hook inside the cabinet, removing the dirty one that dried the day before and place the dry one in the dirty bin. The next day I start with a clean one and do the same drying / dirty bin routine. When it’s time to wash towels I empty the dirty bin into the washer. Great system and hardly takes up any room.

  109. Jo Ann says:

    Wow! Love cleaning products almost as much as I love a clean kitchen.

  110. Margot C says:

    I am a great big fan of soaking stuff; especially that hard baked on stuff.

  111. Teresa H says:

    Like so many others, I like soaking dishes right away so things don’t have a chance to adhere to the cookware like concrete. However, when I do have stubborn sticky stuff on something, I always turn to the pink pan scraper I got from Pampered Chef many years ago. It’s never failed me yet!

  112. Shelly Humble says:

    I use baking soda to clean the stuck on food on my pots and pans. I just sprinkle the soda onto the bottom of the pan then add water and let soak. Works every time.

  113. I just clean up my dishes while the mess is still fresh. Things just wipe right out. If I have missed a pan, I just let it soak in hot water for fifteen minutes and then just wipe it right out.

  114. Aida Lawrence says:

    I like to soak my pans in hot water with soap to help release all the sticky mess and then use a sponge to wipe them down.

  115. Kelley says:

    Depends on how sticky and if microwaveable dish/item…I sometimes put a little vinegar and water and then heat it up in the microwave for under a minute and usually it cleans up great.

  116. Kara Hamilton says:

    Use after a shower filled with half Dawn dish liquid and half vinegar-clean shower all the time!

  117. jane says:

    I also use Dawn for baked on dirt, and on the shower mixed with vinegar.

  118. Laurie Williams says:

    I like to be proactive & line my pan with foil if it is a messy dish (or use crockpot liners). But sometimes I forget so then I soak the dish and use a scraper or SOS pad.

  119. Kim says:

    I always try to wash dishes as soon after eating dinner as possible; that makes the job a lot easier. If that’s not possible, I rinse what I can and soak the super messy ones.

  120. Katie says:

    For burned on food, I boil baking soda and water. The burned stuff just wipes away!

  121. Anne H says:

    I was canning ketchup today and the bottom of my stock pot was a mess–Hot, hot water, dish soap and patience to the rescue . . . a half hour later, with just a quick light scrub a nice shiny pot. Easy peasy . . . let patience be your friend!!!

  122. Pat Frank says:

    Hi Ginny! This looks like a fantastic and easy way to help with cleaning and cooking! I just use a regular scrubbie sponge and lately I have noticed that it is scratching my non-stick pans and am anxious to try something new and this sounds like the ideal thing! Easy clean up and easy in the every day kitchen! Thanks for the opportunity to win this fine Scotch-Brite package!


  123. Kathy McCubbins says:

    I love all of their products! Soaking dishes right away though helps tremendously!

  124. Nicole L says:

    For sticky messes I sprinkle baking soda on & then add hot water & start scrubbing! With 5 littles we have a lot of sticky messes!!!

  125. Kathy Auten says:

    I line my pans with foil or spray “Pam” to prevent sticky messes

  126. Lois Ormsby says:

    For sticky things, Goo-Gone works like a charm :) Or I use hot water with dish detergent!

  127. Laura Rogers says:

    I use a lot of baking soda and vinegar, they really take off grime and sticky residue well!

  128. Daria Mackey says:

    I usually fill my pots or pans with hot water as soon as I’m done using them and let them soak for a while, sometimes with Dawn PowerGel. They come clean pretty easily but my sponges end up looking gross! These new sponges would be a treat!

  129. Lynn says:

    These look like really great products and I’d love to win! I don’t soak dishes, but spray them with a mix of dish soap and water, then scrub them. That way the soap attacks the cooked on food right away.

  130. Traci Rivard says:

    I like to use Bar keepers on my pots and pans…works like a charm!

  131. patricia says:

    spray with krud kutter let sit then wipe clean.

  132. I soak sticky dishes/pots and pans over night in hot soapy water.

  133. cassandra careccia says:

    hot soapy water,baking soda and elbow grease!!

  134. Jessie C. says:

    We use stainless pots, I always try to clean while they are still warm, it makes cleaning easier.

  135. Ariana McCoy says:

    Baby wipes are my best friend but I make my own since I go through so many. 2 cups hot water, 2 tbsp baby oil, 2 tbsp baby wash, 1/2 roll of bounty paper towels.

  136. Kristin says:

    I use a baking soda paste for stuck on messes. Works pretty good so far :)

  137. Cheryl says:

    Hi… I like to wash up dishes as I go also but if I have something later after a meal that is rather messy, I soak in very hot water with a little Dawn. I load dishwasher, clean up kitchen and then tend to the sticky, messy pan. I just started using the small egg shaped sponges and just love them!! : )

  138. Barb says:

    I spray sticky messes with a cleaner and let it soak for a bit, and then wipe away.

  139. Heather K. says:

    I also like to use fabric softener on pots and pans with food thats really stuck. My other greatest cleaning trick ever is to send kids to grandparents for the weekend. House stays clean for a couple days. LOL!!

  140. Kelly says:

    I Let my sticky messes soak in Dawn dishliquid and use a plastic scraper.

  141. Christina says:

    I like to use a vegetable brush with nylon bristles and a flat tip at the top of the head of the brush. I use the flat tip to scrape stuff away and then the bristles to get more of the gunk off.

  142. Lynda says:

    If the sticky mess is on a counter or table, I use hot soapy water and let it sit for a bit. It usually wipes off easily after that…

  143. Ellen says:

    I am excited to try these products. I will be checking my store to see if they stock them.

  144. Krisi says:

    I like to use vinegar to make cleaning easier.

  145. Vanessa says:

    When in doubt to clean ANYTHING…I go to vinegar…it works really well, leaves no streaks and I am a weirdo that loves the smell

  146. Ann Dellinger says:

    I keep a squeegee in my shower and wipe down the glass and tile every day. Makes it so easy to clean, and I only have to use cleaner on it about every two weeks.

  147. I just washed my dishes with another wand type scrubber and the scour pad just feel off it. It was the 2nd time using it. :( I do have a dishwasher but I still hand wash a lot of stuff. So I like to try different sponges and cleaning products! Love your site!

  148. jenn says:

    Clean up asap and use hot water!

  149. Amanda Williams says:

    I like to let the tough stuff soak in warm soapy water to get it nice and soft before trying to scrub it off.

  150. Kristina Neville says:

    my favorite tip is to use cameo on anything stainless steel or copper. You will find that any stains come right off with a little elbow grease and your pots and pans will sparkle.

  151. Sally Warren says:

    I would love to recieve this. Any help with dishes would be great!!

  152. Wendy says:

    Oh this looks nice. I hate how stuff sticks to the sponge or bristles on a brush. This looks great!!

  153. Courtney says:

    sticky messes? well kids, target baby wipes are my go to! LOVE them! smell fresh and great bottom wipes, hand wipes, and face wipes! counter tops i like diluted simple green. and a homemade cleaner i made with vinegar, lavender essential oil, and a few other ingredients. i can’t wait to try these! :)

  154. Ashley says:

    I use a scrub brush on things that are super caked on. I would love to win these!

  155. Kristine says:

    The greatest tip on cleaning is just do it, the longer one procrastinates the harder it is.

  156. Abigail's Mommy says:

    Sprinkle a little baking soda in a pan then scrub with the sponge. It is safe in non stick pans.

  157. Donna Pipkin says:

    I recently bought a new house. The shower doors quickly accumulated a hazy buildup. The installer of the doors “offered” to clean the doors for $350 and sell me bottles of cleaner at $25 a pop. Much to his chagrin, I recently discovered that equal parts blue Dawn liquid and hot white vinegar cleans like a champ! I sometimes need to use a soft scrubber, but it works every time!

  158. jen says:

    dont wait to long and let it soak in hot water

  159. Jessica S Smith says:

    I used 1 cup Dawn dish washing liquid, 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup of club soda and mixed them in a heavy duty spray bottle. I sprayed it on my car seats for 5-10 mins and use a scrub brush. Cleans up His Royal Highness’s spilled drinks pretty good.

  160. Maureen Rovas says:

    My biggest tip is to add some water and a little Dawn dishsoap while the pan is still warm from cooking.

  161. Kelly Carrier says:

    I like to soak my dishes in hot water and let sit overnight. I hope I win! I could use it!!!

  162. april goodwin says:

    Put a dryer sheet in a dirty, burnt on casserole dish and fill with hot water, let it soak overnight and it washes out easily the next morning (or evening, whenever you get to it!).

  163. Gloria blakley says:

    I love the crochet scrubbers. I use them in the bathroom cleaning as well as kitchen cleaning the kitchen. You can get them at most craft sales or I.instructions on interest

  164. When I have a sticky icky mess on my hands I use the hottest water I can- and a paper towel! That way I only have to clean up once!

  165. Kirsten Holte says:

    Most of the time if I have a sticky mess I leave it for my husband, or run it through the dishwasher 3 or 4 times. Right now we’re in the middle of a complete kitchen remodel so I’m stuck doing dishes by hand. Who knows if this project will ever end! But in the mean-time, I could sure use some Scotch-Brite help!

  166. One of my favorite products is a purple rag that cleans windows, mirrors and counters (for a quick swipe) with just water no windex! So easy and effective.

  167. Sharmin says:

    While it may not be sticky messes, I do use the cleaning wand filled with cheap shampoo, to clean the shower/tubs. The shampoo isn’t irritating to my son’s sensitive skin, and the scrubby part works great on soap scum and boy dirt.

  168. Remona says:

    I cook usually my son does the dishes he is awesome and I know he would like me to win this for him

  169. HaydenRossi says:

    I like to soak my messes before washing them. :-)

  170. Kendra Goucher says:

    I soak first. I love the Lysol kitchen spray to wet down things first also…like countertops or stove or microwave.

  171. Mona says:

    I like to soak stuck on stains in water with a fabric softener sheet. But I love the final cleanup with one of those little round brushes that holds dish detergent. Works great on that final cleanup of the sink too. Love the shine. Thanks for the opportunity.

  172. Rachel Davis says:

    I have been cooking on our Foreman grill alot recently, and to help combat the sticky mess that is left behind, almost immediately after I have cooked something, I wet a couple of paper towels thoroughly and lay on the grill and close it and after dinner is eaten, it is easy to remove the paper towels, use a sponge and all the icky mess up!

  173. Kristy says:

    I love to soak my messes in hot soapy water.

  174. Cheney Stanley says:

    I use a mix of water, dish soap, vinegar, and lemon oil to clean almost anything. It’s my go-to all purpose cleaner!

  175. Angela says:

    My microfiber cloth works great at sticky messes.

  176. Amber Davids says:

    I love using scotch brite! I use it all the time!
    The scrubbers help me with my sticky. Don’t like leaving dishes to soak.

  177. Susanne Shanteau says:

    Soak, soak, soak….then scrub, scrub, scrub. I love the idea of using a separate container to soak dishes in. Hadn’t thought about that.

  178. Kath Green says:

    Hum? My husband is such a trooper……he does all the wash & now when I win these handy tools……maybe he’ll do the dishes also. Yea!!!

    Then I can go out shopping. Bigger yea!!!

  179. Melissa says:

    I tend to clean while I cook so I avoid a huge cleanup after the meal. Those cleaning wands will be a big help and make cleanup so much faster!

  180. Leo's says:

    I would love for my daughter to love to do the dishes too!

  181. Kathy Stewart says:

    My dishwasher broke several months ago, so Ive been washing everything by hand….and I found that I actually like it better! Since its just my husband and myself, its easy to keep up with the dishes and my water bill has actually decreased!!! Yea!!!

  182. Jennifer Adair says:

    I run really hot water with Dawn Dish Soap, let it soak for a little while then use scrapper, I have one from Pampered Chef to help loosen everything, that way it does get stuck on my cleaning rag.

  183. Suzanne says:

    I’m always interested in trying something that might make life easier, especially with arthritic hands! I’d love to try these.

  184. stephanie stewart says:

    I soak my super sticky and dirty items in a seperate tub of warm water/dish soap from the sink while I clean the rest. By the time I am done with the basic items the dirtier ones clean off quick. If the mess is really bad I will leave to soak in the tub overnight.

  185. Shellie porter says:

    I love to soak my messy sticky pans over night then use a scrapper from pampered chef to get the gunk off. I love my scrapper!!!!!

  186. Nancy Espinoza says:

    I always put water in the pan right away, then when the meal is over, clean up is so much easier!

  187. Lynn says:

    For pans, I soak them in hot water with a squirt of dawn for 10 minutes or so, then use my Pampered Chef scraper. For countertops or other surfaces, I spray with an antibacterial cleaner (like 409) and then wipe with a hot dishcloth or wet paper towel.

  188. Susan M says:

    I use baking powder to clean my ceramic stove top and pots that are chock full of stuck-on food. Sprinkle on the bottom of the pan, add some water, then turn up the burner and once it’s boiling, turn it off. After you finish dinner (let it cool a bit), the pot will wash clean.

    I also use baking soda to clean my shower – I keep a container in my bathroom for handy access to scrub it down at the end of a shower. No fumes or chemicals!

  189. Laura Laban says:

    My husband does the dishes! I would like to make life easier for him! He just asks us to soak our dishes so they are easier to clean. He won’t use a dishwasher!

  190. Courtney Carr says:

    I scrap and rinse everything as it gets put in the sink. Then when it’s time to do dishes they are already half way done.

  191. Kai Holland says:

    I like to use the Scrotch Organic scrubbers…they last forever! and the scrub power never goes away…

  192. Kathy Gruenewald says:

    Let those sticky messy dishes soak!

  193. Shawna says:

    I use really hot soapy water to soak my hard to clean dishes. Just let them soak then scrub. It would be nice to cut the wait time so I’m eager to win!

  194. Clara Bryan says:

    I too like to soak my pots and pans as soon as I can after using so they don’t get dried out and harder to clean.

  195. Heather Parsons says:

    I am always soak pots and pans right after cooking. That way if I don’t get to them right away they are not too tough to wash. No dishwasher for my pots and pans!!

  196. Ellie Moore says:

    Usually just soak dishes in hot soapy water, but would love to try these products!

  197. Kathy Weeks says:

    For a scorched on mess in a pan, add oxyclean and hot water let soak for an hour and it will wipe right out.

  198. Ann Jones says:


  199. Shannon Bird says:

    Soaking and a good scrubber are the key to easy clean up. I am excited to try the Scotch-Brite tools!

  200. Glyn says:

    I would love to try these new Scotch-Brite products! I like to soak things, too. Pots and pans get hot soapy water, and I put silverware in a cup of hot soapy water as I go through the sink. By the time I’m almost done filling the dishwasher, the silverware just needs to be rinsed and loaded.

  201. Jessie Burton says:

    I try to rinse my dishes immediately with hot water then soak anything that didn’t come off. For counters I love Awesome cleaner from the dollar store, it works great! Now I just need to find the right sponges to make it work even better (hint hint) :0)

  202. Kristen Adaraloye says:

    I soak in hot water but could use some new products!

  203. Krista Smith says:

    I find that putting as little as a drop of dishwasher detergent in a sticky/grimy/burnt pan or dish and filling it with hot water and letting it sit for about 30 min majorly reduces the amount of elbow grease needed to clean it!

  204. Barbara Simonds says:

    I use Dawn Power Off on really tough stuck on food. Definitely like to put some on immediately and it’s usually ready by the time I finished cleaning everything else. Love this new line though – I hate having stuck on food on my sponges.

  205. Kimi says:

    My new favorite cleaner for sinks, tubs etc. is dawn dish liquid mixed with vinegar…..put in a spray bottle. Makes everything shine like new!

  206. Jeanne says:

    I let set a while with a little water and baking soda.

  207. Trudi Basso says:

    I have a crockpot with the removable insert. Sometimes this can be a real pain to clean up depending on what I have cooked. I have found over the years that putting water and a small amount of dish soap in the crockpot and setting it on low for a while makes the clean-up a whole lot easier.

  208. Sherry says:

    For really bad stuck on food, I let it soak in water and a little dish soap.

  209. Erin O. says:

    I leave the worst stuck-on pans for hubby to scrub ;)

  210. Jessica says:

    Dawn power soak actually really does soak off dried on gunk from anything in 5-10 min. I start soaking before i load the dishwasher and buy the time it is loaded they are ready to easily clean. I am not typically a name brand type of girl, but I spend a little extra on this one because it is Amazing!

  211. Mildred says:

    Soak, Soak, Soak, Fill with water and soak makes cleaning less of a chore :)

  212. Robin says:

    I leave things soak in soapy water for as long as it takes. I do not use a dishwasher so I try to limit the amount of scrubbing I have to do.

  213. Amber says:

    I always try to clean as I go but more and more often these days that just doesn’t happen. When there’s just not time I keep a sink full of water to soak things right away in. And when all else fails I spray everything down with awesome!

  214. Cynthia R says:

    I have found that adding a bit of vinegar to the water helps with staying clean. Better for the environment than bleach (and way cheaper!). Sometimes, the old way of doing something is still a good way! This is particularly true when someone in the family is sick. So, we don’t pass those germs on the dishes.

  215. Christa says:

    I like to let things soak overnight. Call it laziness, or efficiency, either way, it is much easier to clean the next morning.

  216. Cairn says:

    I love using a toothbrush for all the small places my bigger scrubbers won’t reach.

  217. Shawna says:

    Here’s my favorite tip to remove the “gunk” on a refrigerator door water tray. Pour enough vinegar to fill all the groves of the refrigerator door tray, let it soak a few minutes, and then lightly scrub with a toothbrush or sponge.

  218. Becky says:

    I used to get spills from cleaning supplies under my sink. Clumsy me. Like knocking over the dish soap when the lid is open. I do have vinyl covering that space, but I found it much easier to place a small bathroom rug down, then when things spill I just pull it out and toss in the laundry. These rugs are super cheap (mine were actually used because I remodeled bathrooms).

  219. Alison Shilling says:

    I use wax paper, rub down all my faucets, shower curtain rod and the inside of my stainless steel sink to keep spots away and keep everything sliding along famously!

  220. Renee McCrory says:

    I usually soak my really bad pots with a dishwasher tablet (like Cascade) overnight soaking-next morning everything cleans right up!

  221. Amy C. says:

    This makes it so easy to clean as you cook. That is the best way I have found to not have a huge mess after cooking.

  222. Allison says:

    For sticky messes, I find the quicker you wipe it up the easier it is to clean. With 3 small children sometimes spills go unnoticed or I don’t get to them right away and then they are much more difficult to clean! Also, with dishes soaking makes a big difference!

  223. Linsey McBride says:

    To save time and elbow grease, I take two seconds and add a bit of water to soak my dishes as they pile up until I clean them for the dishwasher. That way, food doesn’t stick and most everything just wipes off! But I’d love to try this wand, I constantly have to change mine out because of the access food!

  224. Sarah Wise says:

    I swipe everything down with a microfiber cloth everyday to keep from having to scrub everything down when it gets bad. :)

  225. Laurie Murphy says:

    I use plain old fashioned hot water and baking soda to remove build up on pots and pans and to remove caked on food and heavy grease.

    My grandmother showed me to fill one side of the sink with hot water and about a 1/4 cup of baking soda. Place the dirty dishes in and let them soak for a while. Everything just slides off…even old, stuck on vegetable oil marks….Love it!!

    P.S. I love some of the GREAT ideas above!!!!!

  226. Fenton says:

    For spaghetti sauce I sprinkle baking soda in the container and rubbed it around. The baking soda absorbs most of the nasty greasy sauce and then I let the pan soak. The sponges look great! I love purple! Such a happy color~

  227. Robin says:

    I love the dish wand for dishes, and also have 1 in the tub to clean it when I’m done. Works slick. I haven’t tried the other products.

  228. rachel says:

    Soaking pans with Dawn is my secret trick!

  229. Rachel says:

    Cleaning as I go to avoid stuck on food and soaking overnight!

  230. Mary Beth I says:

    Oh sorry – I misread the question (pls delete my other comment). I make cleaning easier by constantly cleaning up a little here and there – that way when i have to do deep cleaning it is not as bad…..

  231. Ashley says:

    I would love to win this set. I use vinegar for everything. I place a bowl of white vinegar in the microwave and let it steam up then all the gunk wipes off. I also use it to deep clean my dishwasher. Works like magic every time!

  232. Leann says:

    I use vinegar to clean my surfaces, spray it on and let it soak wipe it up a few minutes later. My absolute favorite is to spray it in the shower, let it soak then use dish soap on a sponge and scrub, it works better then magic erasers.

  233. julianna says:

    I really want to try the dishclothes… the texture looks like it would help remove stuck on food.

  234. Michael Ann says:

    I soak in hot water and soap. I use an antimicrobial spray to clean up sticky counters. I would love to try some of these products esp. the wand, I think it would encourage the kids to help as it looks like fun and I know both a sponge and soap will be used when they “help”!

  235. Sarah says:

    I have assigned cleaning days: Monday mopping, Tuesday toilets, Wednesday kitchen clean up, Thursday master bedroom…Keeps me on track :-)

  236. mary says:

    Keep a spray handy filled with vinegar & soap to clean messes with

  237. Stephanie says:

    soak with a little soap!

  238. Karen M. says:

    Since everyone’s favorite idea is to soak dirty items to make cleaning easier, I would like to add that using cheap dish soap is no bargain. I use more to get the cleaning I need. These cleaning products look great!

  239. Wendy says:

    I have Clorox wipes in each bathroom. Each night before bed the counter, sink & toilet lid get a wipe down. Makes scrubbing the bathroom less daunting. Plus my teenagers are able to do their bathrooms.

  240. Christina says:

    I find it helpful to rinse all dishes and pots and pans right away so that their easier to wash later. We don’t put our pans in the dishwasher, so soaking is our best method to remove sticky food – and we have stainless steal pans, so that works very well. Then we use a little Barkeepers Friend and a Scotch Brite Doby pad to keep them shiny.

  241. Loni says:

    I love using cream of tartar to clean up that sticky built-up gunk you find on your kitchen appliances. Mix with a few drops of water, apply to the surface of whatever you’re trying to clean, and use a sponge or cloth to rub the gunk away. Wipe with a clean cloth & voila! Looks brand new!

  242. Janet says:

    I take a sponge, add detergent, wipe up. Sponges hold on to crumbs, etc.

  243. Kathleen says:

    the only way I can remove yucky messes are to soak it in lots of liquid and soap until it all loosens up. Normally, I move onto something else while I wait…like cleaning the fridge!

  244. Monica says:

    I usually soak the grime away overnight!

  245. Ilyssa says:

    It sounds simple, but cleaning is easier if I’m wearing rubber gloves. I often skip it because it takes a little extra time to get out my gloves, rinse them when I’m done, etc. But if I’m wearing them, I tend to get a little more down and dirty when cleaning up. And they help with the ick factor!

  246. lydia says:

    When my pots have stuck on food I like to fill them with clean water and bring it to a boil .I think it softens the gunk better than plan soaking.

  247. Julia says:

    Soak it! Lemon it! And scub it!

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