31 Days of Home Management Binder Printables

Beginning on October 1st, The Nester will be hosting a “31 day” event where bloggers choose a topic and blog about it for 31 days in a row.  Whew!  Just in case you’re wondering how in the world anyone could keep up with it, the posts are intended to be short and sweet.

I have decided to participate this year, and I’m so excited about the topic I chose!  I’m going to be offering FREE printables for your Home Management Binders!

I have been wanting to update my personal binder for a long time, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get moving on that project.

So what will happen?

Every day for the month of October, you will find a new printable for your binder.  I’ll begin with the cover and take it all the way through to the end.  Obviously, not all of you will need every single page, but you are welcome to print out those that apply to you and build your binder right along with me for the next 31 days.

At the end of each post, there will be links to all the other pages in the series (in picture form), so if you come along after the start of the series, you’ll be able to find all the printables easily.

Will I be posting anything else in October?

You bet!  I have some other posts planned, and they will be scattered throughout the month.  If you follow me by email, some days you may get two emails if I post twice.  Be sure to check both of them because they will be different!

I hope you’ll join me on the challenge to build a new and updated Home Management Binder!

If you would like to follow the series and put a button on your blog, I’ll love you forever! ;)

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31 Days of Home Management Binder Printables:

1 - The Cover
2 - 2013 Calendar
3 - To Do List with Time Schedule
31 Days Intro.
The Cover
2012-2013 Calendar
To Do List with Time Schedule
4 - Daily and Weekly Chore Schedule
5 - Monthly Zone Chores
6 - Monthly Bill Pay Schedule
7 - Monthly Budget
Daily & Weekly Chore Schedule
Monthly Zone Chores
Monthly Bill Pay Schedule
Monthly Budget
8 - Contact List - Our Neighbors
9 - Contact List - Our Family
10 - Contact List - Our Friends
11 - Contact List - Medical & Health
Contact List – Our Neighbors
Contact List – Our Family
Contact List – Our Friends
Contact List – Medical & Health
12 - Contact List - Insurance Policies
13 - Contact List - Utilities & Services
14 - Contact List - School Info. 1
15 - Contact List - School Info. 2
Contact List – Insurance Policies
Contact List – Utilities & Services
Contact List – School Info. 1
Contact List – School Info. 2
16 - Contact List - School Info. 3
17 - Website User Names & Passwords
18 - Books & Movies
19 - Birthdays & Anniversaries
Contact List – School Info. 3
Website User Names & Passwords
Books & Movies
Birthdays & Anniversaries
20 - Household Projects
21 - Babysitter Notes
22 - Home Maintenance Schedule
23 - Auto Maintenance Log
Household Projects
Babysitter Notes
Home Maintenance Schedule
Auto Maintenance Log
24 - Weekly Meal Planner
25 - Our Favorite Recipes
26 - Favorite Meals for Entertaining
27 - Freezer Inventory
Weekly Meal Planner
Our Favorite Recipes
Favorite Meals for Entertaining
Freezer Inventory
28 - Favorite Take Out Places
29 - Recipes to Try
30 - Holiday Meal Planner
31 - Section Dividers
Favorite Take Out Places
Recipes to Try
Holiday Meal Planner
Section Dividers

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  1. Wendy says:

    I just started working on my Family binder – It’s a project. Thanks for the printables! Any ideas for me the best way to put this together?

  2. Ok I am so excited! I just started a home management binder but it’s no where near complete.

  3. Kelly says:

    I was so excited to see this!! My binder is put together, but kind of haphazardly and I’ve been wanting to re do it. Can’t wait to see what kind of printables you have! Thank you!!

  4. So excited to read your series.. .I am doing one too… mine is 31 days of fitness. I the idea, just hoping I get all my posts in… plan on getting a head start tomorrow so that if I get busy some are done already!

  5. Ginny says:

    Wonderful idea, Ginny. I need to re-vamp my binders as well. Thanks so much for your willingness to share with others. Will be grabbing your button and sharing all over the place. Looking forward to reading your posts daily.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Hey I am also doing the 31 days of……. fall activities. Come on over and check it out!!! I just recently found your blog and have been following through google reader. I love your posts!!

  7. Sheri W says:

    Awesome idea!! I’ve added your button to my blog.

  8. Fearon says:

    Looking forward to reading your posts!! My plan for the winter was to pick away at creating a home binder. Looks like I will be starting early :) Your button is on my blog and I will be checking in daily. Thanks in advance for the printables!

  9. Cristeena says:

    I’ve never done a home binder but it sounds fantastical!! So I added your button to my blog and posted a post about it!!! Yay!!! I’m a stay at home, home schooling mom of 9!! Oh and I blog too. LOL

  10. Jenn says:

    OMG…I am so excited! My household binder is in desperate need of a re-vamp. This is perfect, thank you so much for offering the printables. I grabbed your button and added it to my blog. Also, your blog is great. Very helpful!!!

  11. Kristen says:

    i’ve be reading about & wanting to do this for awhile now. I’m so excited to finally do it & to see your great new printables!!!

  12. Chrissy says:

    I have been putting this off for so long! This is the perfect time and reason for me to finally get this done!!


  13. Looking forward to the 31 days project and seeing the new printables. Love your blog.

  14. Nana says:

    I am so excited about the new folder/categories for our organizers. I like to have a good way to check track of the important days, events and happenings in my life.
    Thank you so much for the information on ways to do it and keeping track of.
    Always love learning new things.

  15. Oh, what a great series! My binder needs some tweaking, too, so I can really start using it! I’m looking forward to following along.

  16. I love that you chose a topic that will help you, but in a way that helps others too! I’m definitely following you this month!

  17. Kylara says:

    Hi there Ginny,

    I am new here and followed from the 31 Days linkup. I love your blog and just happen to be revamping my binder as well as putting up a course to teach people how to make these household manuals for the Mental Health Association in my area. I hope that by peeking in on your progress I might get inspiration for this project as well.

    I look forward to seeing your work, as its always fun to peek into the minds of homemakers all over the world. I think its one of my favorite things to research… there are sooooooooooooo many household binders out there these days.

    I am also doing the 31 days this year. Mine is about homemade household solutions. I hope you come over and check it out. Perhaps you will find something to use in your home.

  18. What a fun idea, I’m excited for some new binder printables… mine has become a little bit unorganized and I’ve sort of fallen off the family binder bandwagon. This will help get me on track! I’m doing 31 days of decorating on a shoestring budget, hope you’ll stop by and see me. :)

  19. Awesome! I am also doing a 31 day series: 31 Days to Building a Cleaning Routine.

    I’m excited to read your series. I’m subscribed by email so I can follow along. Good luck this month!

  20. JulieBee in Iowa says:

    I’m pretty excited at the idea! I am torn between an 8 1/2 x 11 size binder and a 5.5 x 8 1/2 binder for my main household binder. The main reason for my agony of indecision (and I mean agony, procrastination, frustration, printing both types of pages, trying to reformat, even crying) is that the smaller size is much easier to handle on the small space of desk in front of my computer monitor, fits in my canvas bag to take to doctor, grocery shopping, out-of-town, isn’t as heavy and awkward, and just looks cuter.
    But, it also doesn’t hold as much as the large binder. Most printables, hand-outs, forms are 8 1/2 x 11, and take-out menus, etc. usually take more room than a little binder can handle.
    Does anyone use a combination of the two? I can’t even decide on how I would divide the things I would put them if I did that. Indecisiveness should be my middle name.. no, maybe my first name, Maybe it should be Side-tracked? Confused might cover it…

    • Ginny says:

      JulieBee, you’re funny. :) It sounds like you might want to just use a 12 x 12 and put some 8 1/2 x 11 pages in it (maybe in the front so they don’t get “hidden” by the larger pages).

      • JulieBee in Iowa says:

        Hi Ginny. Thanks for your comment. The only thing is that a 12×12 is even bigger than the 8 1/2 x 11 which already feels too big to me. I really like those little 5.5 x 8 1/2 binders. They fit on shelves in the kitchen and my desk easier. They just don’t hold “full size” info. Arggh. I wish there was a simple formula for shrinking an 8 1/2 x 11 page to a 5.5 x 8 1/2 page (using all of the page space instead of leaving huge margins.)
        I know, I know, I should just settle for the 8 1/2 x 11 and stop whining. That’s just not how I roll! :)
        Maybe I could try to divide things that I will refer to mainly at the computer into the smaller binder and the larger binder(s) could hold recipes, warranties, kitchen appliance instructions, who knows what else.
        I bet you can tell that I do a lot of dreaming and planning and very little accomplishing around here. I have a To Do list I discovered from 2001 where I have 2 out of 20 things checked off. I still want to do most of the other things, except the kids have outgrown some of them.
        You are an inspiration to me and I’m going to make sure I decide on something and get started by tomorrow. Thank you for your ideas and printables, Gina.

        • Faiths_Mommy says:

          JulieBee, two 8-1/2 by 11inch pages will fit on a single sheet shrunk to 64%. I hear what you are saying, those little notebooks are cute & they do fit in a purse much nicer!

        • sarah says:

          I have one of both. somethings you just don’t need to carry with you. For some pages you can just fold in half and punch holes in. can be time consuming another option is to buy sheet protectors made just that size from staples though can be a bit costly up front. I don’t carry my cleaning tasks for the day with me that is what I use my big planner for. good luck hope it helps!

    • Suzanne says:

      here’s an idea…just put the holes on the top of a page that needs to be full sized and fold it in half till you need to look at it. Put it in sideways in other words.

      You wont be able to use page protectors and it would probably necessary to trim a bit off the bottom to make room for the space you used to fit it on the rings, but you can mix and match page sizes this way. The small binder is a “half size” and 11divided by 2= 5.5! I am thinking of doing this for myself since I do like the cute small binders too. Good luck.

  21. Emily says:

    Oh this is something I’ve been meaning to do! Thanks for the printables, I’ll definitely follow this along. =)

  22. Pamela says:

    What a sweet blessing you are going to be this month. Looking forward to it!

  23. Karla says:

    So excited to be getting this done now, for next year! What a great idea. Thank you so much for making this so easy!

  24. Odile says:

    I love this idea. Thank you for posting it. Being organized makes ones life so much easier!!!

  25. christa says:

    What a great idea! I have a feeling you will bless many people with this topic

  26. Kelly O says:

    THANK YOU! I am so very excited!

  27. Ginny,
    I just found your blog and I am looking forward to more of your post on organizing. I love things to be organized.

  28. kate says:

    Thanks for these printables, they are so cool and will really help get my house organised. … And so pretty too.

  29. Debra says:

    I LOVE these organizational tools! Thank you so much for sharing them!!!! :)

  30. Tara H says:

    I’ve started working on a family binder so finding your site is truly a blessing! Thanks so much!

  31. Karen says:

    Thank you so much! You have the BEST management printables I have found! Blessings, Karen

  32. Cindy says:

    Wow, Ginny! You are so generous to share these wonderful printables! I just can’t thank you enough! Making a home management binder has long been on my wish list of to do’s but I’ve never gotten around to it! Now I have no excuse! Thanks for making it so easy for me!!

  33. Melissa says:

    I can only find through day #16. Is there a way I can find the other days in your series?

    • Ginny says:

      Melissa, you are only able to see part of this series at this point, because the rest of it hasn’t been posted yet. The series is running the entire month of October 2012. Each day a new printable is posted. :)

  34. Antonella says:

    I just discovered this series. Thank you thank you thank you so much for these resources. Definitely make me want to spruce up my entire domestic life!!! Any printables for organizing blogging schedules?

    all the best

    • Ginny says:

      I’m planning on doing another series on a blog planner. I’m not sure exactly when I’m going to do that, but I would love to have you follow me by RSS or email so you don’t miss it! :)

  35. Felicia says:

    I just love your binder printables for the binder! I am making one for myself and also it will be a great gift for my daughter who is a young wife and mom! Thank you so much for all of your work!

  36. Michelle says:

    I have a question to ask you. Could you email me please at candlesbymichelle1@yahoo.com? Thank you.

  37. Charlene Crowder says:

    Adding my thanks! I just started up my binder tosay. :)

  38. Alison Bayne says:

    Thank you so much for this series. I am delighted to have found it and have placed your button on my website to let all my readers know about it too.

  39. Valerie says:

    will there be dividers fo the binder ..maybe i missed something? thank you

    • Ginny says:

      Valerie, I’ll be sharing how I put my binder together on the last day. I used dividers from Walmart. Check back on Oct. 31st to see how I put it all together. :)

  40. Peggy says:

    I love this. Please link it to my linky party & anything else you have to share. :) Thanks, Peggy. http://diycraftyprojects.com/2012/10/whatcha-work-up-wednesday-linky-party-6.html

  41. Stacy says:

    Thanks so much for the printables! I am working on mine as well as my 2 grown children for Christmas gifts!

  42. Juli says:

    Thank you!

  43. Beth Stagdon says:

    Hi, Ginny, this is a wonderful project. This year I am making the gifts for my children and this is definitely THE GIFT for one of my daughters. Thank you.

  44. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for the printables. The tip for the dividers about putting them in the plastic sheets and cutting out holes for the tabs. Fabulous.

    I also have a binder for just financial info that I got off http://applevalleygirl.blogspot.ca/2011/02/absolute-easiest-way-to-track-pay.html

    I think I’m going to put your financial sheets in that binder so everything is all together.

    Thanks Again.

  45. Amelia says:

    How do I print the stuff off to make my binder? It’s not allowing me to print…

    • Ginny says:

      Sorry about that, Amelia. I’m not sure why it’s not letting you print. Do you have the most up to date version of a pdf reader (such as adobe)?

  46. Jennifer says:

    I just stumbled upon your 31 Days of Home Management and it’s just what I needed. Thanks for making and sharing!

  47. Susie says:

    I am a little behind, I just found your website. Thanks you for leaving the printables up, I have been looking for something like these as I have a chronic pain issue and it is much easier to handle home life if things are organized (or so I’ve heard) :)
    I signed up for your emails and am excited to learn some tips that I can fit into my New Years resolution of decluttering my house, mind and soul. Thank you for so genorously sharing your time and knowledge.


  48. Tiffanie says:

    I wish this had a organized grocery shopping list! I love this look and I found another grocery shopping list but it doesn’t match….why does things like that bother me so bad?!! LOL

  49. Lisa says:

    Thank you AGAIN for all the work you’ve put into this. I can’t even imagine all the time it took you to not only make up these pages, but to explain everything. I am so glad, even though you did this a few months ago, it is still up here since I just found you and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site. I just pinned some things and I hope others that haven’t been lucky enough to have found you yet, will find you.

  50. AmberKae says:

    I’ve been wanting to make something like this for a while now! I’m just learning indesign so I’ve been on the hunt of cute free printables and so happy I came across your website. Thank you very much for this:)

  51. christina says:

    Hi Ginny,
    I just wanted to thank you for all of the creative and thoughtful home organizational printables. I am so excited to put my binder together and have everything in one place. What a valuable resource! Thanks so much for making them free….very generous of you.


  52. Martha says:

    Is there a way, you could turn this into, 2013-2014. I love this idea, and would help mr a great deal. Thanks :)

  53. THANK YOU. This is great. It is just me but it can help me organize my crazy life. I will also repost this on my page. THANK YOU again

  54. Becky says:

    I was so excited to see all these amazing printables. However, the download includes a trojan virus. Do you have another way to get them?

    • Ginny says:

      Hi Becky. It doesn’t have a virus. Occasionally people will tell me that their virus protection software says that, but there has never been a problem. It is most likely set to the highest level of protection and is blocking anything you try to download. The files are safe. :)

  55. Jessica says:

    Love all of these! As a lover of all things organization related, I can never have enough printables!

  56. hanah says:

    Your printables are an answer to my prayer!!

  57. Stacy says:

    These are fantastic! Thank you so much. Can’t wait to get my home in order!

  58. Elizabeth says:

    I am sorry if this sounds silly, but how do I down load these, lol. I know there is a big button that say download, but I was hoping that wasn’t it. I cant wait to start my binder.

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    what if yoou added a little content? I ain’t saying your information is not solid, however what if you added a title
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  60. Stef says:

    Hey I have recently changed from a full-time job being a retail manager to a part-time position to be home more with my ever so growing/changing 2-year-old and it is amazing. Although I had been so organized and detailed at work that didn’t carry over to home. I found all of your schedules to be very helpful to get me where I need to be at home. It is still a work in progress but hey what isn’t right? Thanks for this great jump-start.


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