Brand New Orchid Duo Binder Giveaway!

Have you heard the news?  So many of you (and me!) are big fans of the popular Duo Binder and I’m so excited to tell you there is a brand new color choice to choose from!

Duo Binder Now Available in Orchid

If you saw my last post, you may have seen how I used the Orchid Duo to organize my kids’ games.  You can see that post here.

How to Make a Game Instructions Binder with FREE Printable

I also use the Duo to organize our vacations with my Vacation Planner.

Vacation Packing List Printable Vacation Planner

The Duo Binder is perfect for my Blog Planner.

blog organization

blog planner

One of my favorite ways to use the Duo Binder is to organize my Recipe Binder.  Find out why it’s perfect for this purpose here.

Printable Recipe Binder

How to Meal Plan with a Recipe Binder How to Organize Magazine and Printable Recipes

If you have never seen the Duo Binder before, it is a combination of a 3 ring binder and a 7 pocket accordion file.  Two products in one for only $12.99!  Duo Binders are available with free Prime shipping on Amazon.

Check out all the colors and patterns here.

Duo Binder ColorsThe brand new Orchid color is available here.

Duo Binder Orchid

There are endless uses for the Duo!  I also use Duos to organize taxes, gardening, my Home Management Binder and my homeschool planner (coming soon).  It’s also perfect for school and college students.

So how would YOU like to have a Duo Binder?

Orchid Duo Binder Giveaway

I’m so happy to tell you that we are giving away TEN Orchid Duo Binders and YOU have an opportunity to win one!

How Do I Enter?

Simple!  Just use the Rafflecopter entry form at the end of this post.  Use your email address or your Facebook to enter.

(If you are reading this post via email or RSS, you’ll need to enter in the post here.)

The Fine Print:

  • Ten winners will be chosen randomly using Rafflecopter to win an Orchid Duo Binder.
  • Products will be shipped to the winners by Inoventions.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Entrants must be 18 years or older.
  • Open to U.S. residents only.
  • Giveaway begins Friday, June 27, 2014 and ends Saturday, July 5, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. EST.
  • Winners will be e-mailed and announced here on Sunday, July 6, 2014.
  • Winners have 7 days to respond to e-mail.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  I was given product samples and compensated in exchange for a review of this product.  I never recommend products to my readers that I do not use in my own home.  My opinions are 100% my own and I was not influenced to offer a positive review.  If I don’t like a product, I won’t ever recommend it to you.  See my full disclosure policy here.





  1. Teri Davis says

    This color is beautiful!! I bought a green one a while ago after seeing it on your website, using it for the financial stuffs for my family. Makes things so nice!! Orchid, hmm, I would use that for me!! One of my favorite colors and I DO need to get my to do list in order!

  2. Denise says

    Have just started on the path of binders and home organization. Looks like a great tool to help in that journey!

  3. Christy J. says

    I would use this product to organize all of the instructions that come with my appliances and electronics.

  4. Mary Janik says

    These are so helpful! I got a black one for one of my disorganized kids and it works great! I would love a pink one since I have to “girl it up” in my house of boys!

  5. Kathy Y says

    I will probably use it for menu planning and recipes but I also like the idea of using it for a homeschool planner. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Monica S says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’d use the binder to organize our semi-important documents like warranties, owner manuals, immunization records, etc.

  7. Tondra Farris says

    I love to.organize. I like things neat and findable and all in one spot. This would be a great way to do this.

  8. Mary Sue Larsen says

    I would love this to organize my kids school stuff and the various organizations I am on. I think it would be great to keep it all in one place!

  9. Nikkia says

    Wow what a cool and practical product. I would use this for several things. Knowing me I would need at least 4 of these lol. I would have one for recipes, one for my beauty blog, one for the paper crafting blog I’m about to launch and one for my everyday life. Wow this is such a cool product. Thanks for sharing and the giveaway. :-)

  10. Leslie says

    I would love to win one of these for my classroom! I can see it being a huge asset to small groups or becoming a grade book!

  11. says

    I would use a duo binder for organizing all of my Recipies and helping me plan the weekly menu. I just found your site through Facebook. The style of all your printables is so sweet! Organizing things is one of my favorite things to do!

  12. Cori Strickland says

    I would use this for keeping my household organized!! Bills, meal planning and inventory of the house.

  13. Barbara McKinnie says

    I would love to have this binder, with 4 toddlers under 5, this would help me become more organized with their home schooled activities and church activities!

  14. Kim says

    I am the secretary for a couple of organizations I belong to and this would come in so handy for helping me keep everything organized!

  15. Danielle says

    I would love one of these for recipes and menu planning! I could find uses for more too I’m sure! :)

  16. Mary says

    I would gift this orchid binder to my daughter who is entering high school. A great tool to help her learn about organization.

  17. Trisha R says

    I already have a blue Duo – I don’t have my system down yet, but I’m getting there. Having another one for recipes is a great idea! (I could get rid of my manilla file folders that fall and spill all over! Genius!

  18. Taryn says

    thanks for sharing this innovative product. I just ordered one from Amazon in bamboo. The possibilities for this are endless.

  19. Katie B says

    I’m thinking this would be perfect for my preschool class! I make scrapbooks for each of my students and this binder would be great to keep all my papers and pictures and artwork, etc together! What a smart idea!!!

  20. Joanne Turner says

    I would use it to organize my recipes (which are a mess!), healthcare paperwork, and whatever else I could find. I love binders! Lol!

  21. Kristy Payne says

    Desperately need one for next financial years tax but was also thinking of using one for all the manuals you accumulate in the house

  22. Beth says

    I’m always looking for organizational tools that are easy to maintain and look “pretty”. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Amy Nash says

    This would be a perfect combo for teachers! The 3 ring part for lesson plan and grade sheets, the portfolio for papers to take home and grade! Hope I win! I’ll probably buy one if not lol. Thanks for always promoting awesome products.

  24. Jennifer King says

    I love to organize everything! I would use this for my upcoming vbs registration organization at church or for my recipes at home. My kids want me to write out every recipe I cook so they can learn them and have copies when they are on their own some day.

  25. Lilly says

    I’m a homeschool mom who has been working very hard to organize, organize, organize! Just yesterday i made myself a lesson plan organizer and decorated the front with decorative tape. Then after I made it thought, “I should’ve included a meal planner and house organization!” I am not spending another day doing this. I could really use this organizer. The more the merrier!

  26. Kristy Wyatt says

    I absolutely adore this Duo Binder!! As soon as I saw this post on Organizing Home Life, I knew I had to enter the giveaway so I could have a chance to win this neat new product. Anyway, I would definitely use it for organizing my daughter’s school supplies, schedule, papers, etc. once school starts back up again, so I think it’s the perfect item for back to school (which is coming up soon!).

  27. Tammy says

    This would be wonderful to help me get organized. My current binder just isn’t working. Would love to win one of these!

  28. Kristy Payne says

    Really need one for next financial year but also thinking of using one for all the manuals you accumulate for the house

  29. Christie says

    I would love this binder to organize all of our family activities and also for a cleaning/chore list.

  30. Stacey Love D says

    I LOVE this new color! I have one now that I use to file everything…bills, receipts and other important documents however; it’s filled to the max and can’t handle anymore. I suffer from multiple medical conditions and would love to have another one to strictly be used for all of my medical documents, scans and such. Organization, makes things so much easier in my life!

  31. Jenni Aukerman says

    This would awesome to help me organize my customer information with my Health and Wellness business! And maybe a second for bills.

  32. Meagan says

    I would organize every housing need you could think of. Bills, receipts, schedules, etc…my problem is finding a place for all of these things. This would be PERFECT!

  33. Valerie says

    Would love to try this!!! I have been trying to find a good system for my sons’s therapy documents. This looks perfect :)

  34. Dana says

    I would love to try one of these Duo Binders in my attempts to organize bills/budget or recipes. Both areas need some serious organizing!

  35. Jennifer Stone says

    I would use mine to keep our homeschool organized! I am going to have a 1st, 3rd, and 5th grader this fall. Fun!

  36. Crystal Osborne says

    Thanks for the chance to get one of these! I would use it for my REFIT(dance fitness) class and job.

  37. Julie says

    I would love to try this for a recipe binder as well. I think that if I have all of my recipes at hand then it will be easier to make a menu. We tend to have the same things over and over.

  38. says

    I currently have 4 different folders in my work bag that go back and forth withe every day; this binder would help me organize & consolidate…

  39. Christina says

    I love the Duo Binder! I use it to manage my budget but can think of so many other ways to utilize this wonderful tool. I even bought one for my daughter so she can manage her many classes! I also love your blog. I get so many great ideas for ways to effectively and efficiently organize my home and family. Thanks for all of your hard work and great ideas!

  40. Amber says

    I have one (in burgandy) for all of my “house stuff”: to do lists, home improvement wish lists, etc. I’d love to have another to start a recipe binder or for organization of all of my church-related stuff (I am church board secretary and Sunday School Superintendent, so I have to keep track of a lot of paperwork!).

  41. says

    Oooooh– I am definitely going on to Amazon to order a couple of these… I am most excited about using one as a blog planner since I have just recently started a “mommy” blog and a “beauty” blog!! Can’t wait to go online and check them out!!

  42. says

    I would love one if these. I’ve been wanting one, but haven’t bought one yet! I would use it for our financial stuff. Right now I use a binder and a file… If I had this I would need to.:)

  43. Ellen Gibson says

    I would either use it for household finances, or classroom planning…..either way, would love to try one!!!

  44. Kim says

    Last time you posted about this binder I bought one and love it. I use it for one of my college classes that has a ton of papers. I would love to win this one to give to my 8th grader for her school binder.

  45. Allison Burke says

    Wow – i love it! I have been really wanting to start a home binder bc i tend to be unorganized :( – in love w/ the vacation printables, etc!!!! Great giveway for sure!

  46. Charity says

    I would love to use the DuoBinder to organize myself in my new at home medical billing job. The binder side for instructions on how to do various things and the file side to organize what needs to be filed, needs waivers, bosses attention, and so on.

  47. Juanez says

    I am currently using my duo binder to set up a home management system. I file all important documents in the accordian file and use the binder for financials, passwords, routines, projects, etc

  48. Malky says

    I would use the duo binder as a home binder. I love the brilliance of being able to temporarily store papers in the same place where you want to put them away in an organized way. It will make it so much easier to keep track of recipes and coupons this way. It will be a good way to keep track of things I want to put away and know where they are later.

  49. Carol Gifford says

    I would use this binder to organize important papers, bills, and household information that needs to be easily accessible.

  50. Kristina says

    I would use the binder to get myself organized for storytime with kids. It would be so nice to be able to carry all of my files with me. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  51. samantha conrad says

    I would like to use this for bills, recipes (currently all stuffed in a box) and planning chores for four children!

  52. Natalie says

    I’m on the go so much that I would bring it with me everywhere to organize my life: bring my daily schedule, update my to do lists, read articles printed off the Internet and determine whether to keep or toss, update weekly menus, homeschool plan, etc. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  53. Pat F. says

    This is such an awesome binder with so many fantastic ways to organize of which I could really use some help with! Love the recipe organization idea, household budget, all my things to do, etc! The possibilities are endless!! Thanks for the opportunity to win! PS. I love their new Orchid color!

  54. Katrina M says

    I would use it to help keep our schedules for Homeschooling, American Heritage Girls, as well as for church..
    Endless possibilities!
    Maybe even Scrapbooking..or keep all important paperwork (for camper)..warranties!

  55. Janice Jenkins says

    So many things I could use this for. I have been looking for something to use to create my homemaking binder, and I think this might be just the thing!

  56. Karleen Mauldin says

    I have 4 kids……I may need several of these binders! Recipes, bills, homeschool stuff. We also help my widowed mother with everything from finances and taxes to home and vehicle maintenance. These would be great for all that!

  57. Michele Nothdorf says

    This is such an amazing tool to have to stay organized. I love how you showed so many ways to use it. You always amaze me with the different ways you find to use everyday things. This binder would be perfect for me in so many ways! I would have to get several to get me 1/2 way to the organization level I hope for! :)
    Thanks again for sharing your expertise with the rest of us!!!!

  58. Debra Carter says

    I currently use my DUOBINDER for keeping our rental property paperwork in order! Going to use one for Vacation Planning — excellent Idea!

  59. Sheri says

    I would love to use this for my weight watchers recipes, activitiy, and motivational binder. Great way to keepisode everything in one place

  60. Lisa says

    I have been using 4 of the duobinders since I discovered them on your blog back in December….I absolutely love them and find ALL kinds of ways to use them. Of course I started with the Financial one for my command center 😉

  61. Noah lustman says

    This would be excellent to have being that I’m a stay at home mom of three under the age of 3. My son is autistic and my other child has a lot of therapy coming up to help with developmental delays so this would be really useful to keep everything organized! Can’t wait to see if I hopefully win.

  62. Amy Frink says

    I am a special education teacher. I can’t believe I haven’t seen these before. I think it would go a long way in managing all of my paperwork during the day as I travel from room to room. I hope I win!

  63. kathy says

    I have a red duo binder that I use for home management, but would love the purple one for menu and meal planning.

  64. JoAnne Cepek says

    OMG this is exactly what I need to help me organize and plan. I am a new mom and have returned to work full time. To say I have paperwork everywhere and no clue what is what anymore is an understatement. I could get rid of the paper clutter, organize my receipes, plan and a track a budget, track what bills have been and need to be paid. All in one organized, pretty place!! I hear the angels singing…

  65. Charlene says

    I have a green one that I use for bill organization. I would love another for organizing warranties and receipts!

  66. Lisa R says

    I use one to keep my monthly budget/bill paying neat and organized…I would LOVE to use the orchid one to keep my coaching paperwork for Cheer all together and easily portable!

  67. says

    This is too cool! I’m thinking of all the uses…organizing recipes, homeschool stuff for my kids, a home binder, my sewing patterns, etc too neat !

  68. Stacy says

    Two active kids, hosting an exchange student, farm/ranch life and full time job, can’t begin to list all of the ways i could use the duo binder!!!

  69. Nancy says

    It looks really neat! There are several thoughts on how to use: for my recipes, home management or homeschooling. There may be other ways to use I am not even thinking about.

  70. Laura Santino says

    I would totally have to use this as I run a direct sales business, as well as my husband is an independent contractor. It would also be great to organize my secretarial duties with another organization. Wow! I wish I found this before! Thank you for showing me this great product

  71. Shannon F says

    I would love one of these binders! I have 5 kids and am starting to coupon and need help with the daily organization of life! :)

  72. Neely Myers says

    I have one for my recipes and one for party planning but would LOVE to add one for emergency/home/family information!

  73. Christie Parker says

    Since I seen you recommend these a while back, I have kept my eye on them. The orchid color is beautiful. I would love to win one and move all of my homeschooling records over to it.

  74. Sondra says

    I would use the binder as a medical file for my daughter. She has many different things going on and it would be a good way to keep all her information together.

  75. April says

    I would use the binder for my entire house. We need a place to keep track of everything from sports schedules to medical information. I will need another one for coupons and shopping.

  76. Patricia says

    This will be perfect for organizing my art patterns and projects. Would love to use it!!! There are soooo many things this can be used for. When you are a crafter the options are endless!

  77. Emily K says

    Saw these on ur site a long tym ago. I have one I use for bill paying & budgeting but wld love another.

  78. Juanita says

    I have just started a consulting business working with teachers of special needs students. This would be an awesome tool to organize my mobile office!

  79. Dedra Scott says

    I have two of these binders and love them. I use one for bills and one for homeschooling. I would love the new color to use for recipes!

  80. Sabra Winters says

    I want to make the game binder, I long ago got rid of the game boxes and have been trying to figure out a way to organize the instructions so this post was a blessing!!

  81. Debbie Boudreau says

    I really need to get more organized, especially with all the paperwork, school papers, etc. And the new Orchid color is my favorite!

  82. Jennifer Madigan says

    I just saw your idea for recipe organization. I love that idea and could really use the help with that.

  83. Cindy Hardy says

    I love the flexibility of the Duo binder line. The current colors are nice, but the orchid is very pretty color. Looking forward to seeing it!

  84. Carrie Palmer says

    This would be perfect! I’m just putting together a budget and have a bunch of papers printed out – now I need something to put them in!

  85. Cindy S. says

    At your suggestion I bought a Duo Binder (turquoise) and used it to organize our 30th wedding anniversary vacation. LOVE how I could put plastic sleeves and papers in the binder portion and stash collectibles in the pockets! I would use a new orchid color Duo Binder for my current job hunt. We just moved from Michigan to Tennessee.

  86. Trish says

    I sooo need to get organized. I try to be, but then the family comes in and wrecks things for me. Then I get overwhelmed and out of sorts with it all. Thanks for intruding such great products!

  87. Jennifer Vaughn says

    I would love to use this to get my bills better organized. I do a lot of sitting at kids sports practices and could take this with me to get the hated bill chore done while sitting there.

  88. wendi says

    This binder would help me get organized I would live to win one!! I run a small daycare and have 3 very busy children. This would help so much

  89. Felicia says

    This would be great to keep my yearly calendar in. I keep so many files, papers, etc in my calender, I have paper clips everywhere. Something like this would definitely help with my organization.

  90. Caitlin says

    I use mine for my home based business and one for organizing all my home stuff (meal planning, homeschool schedule… Everything I need to get to everyday:)

  91. Sasha says

    Wow that’s an amazing product. I love the Orchid color. I would use it homeschooling. I didn’t know you did homeschooling also, we are starting for the first time.

    • says

      Congrats, Sasha! We’re starting our 10th year this year. It’s hard to believe! Be on the lookout for my homeschool planner coming this fall. :)

  92. Shawna says

    I have so many ratty around the house it would be hard to decide which to replace, but I think I would use it for my writing and research projects.

  93. Lori McG says

    With home, kids, pets, and Children’s Ministry to keep straight, this would be amazing to keep everything in one place! Amazing product!

  94. Megan Higginbotham says

    I’m going to use it to keep all my wedding plan details. The vendor contact, color swatches, cakes, centerpieces. There’s just so much to planning a wedding this will definitely help me keep it all together!

  95. Penny Winkelman says

    My goal is to get more organized and would love to use this to help me. I really enjoy your post, they are an encouragement.

  96. Christine says

    I would actually use this for work, I am having a big issue finding and keeping track of important documents since I share a desk with 3 other managers.

  97. Trisha says

    I’ve never seen this combination before! Having used both an accordion file and various different 3 ring notes I would live to try one of these.

  98. Laurie says

    This binder would be great for organizing school papers for a teacher! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  99. Mary Ellen Bibeau says

    I would love to have one of these. I am just starting out with all the organizing and it is quite the task. Thanks

  100. Nikki Parker says

    I love this idea to organize my teacher information for my classroom. Tons of great ideas out there!

  101. Kristi B says

    I would use it for homeschooling or recipes or bills or any of the other great things you suggest! =) I could use multiple ones obviously.

  102. Christopher Longhofer says

    Thank you for the kind gift! I would use this to keep my home organized and give you all ALL the credit!!! Thanks again!

  103. Nikia Holsey says

    I’m going to use this to FINALLY have one place to keep all of my printables and life plans. I have a husband that works 2 jobs as well as Pastoring. We have 3 children and trying to stay organized is now a priority. I love the color as well. It’s one of my favorite.

  104. says

    I would love to have several of these. One for home management. But I would start with my organizations I volunteer for. Sometimes my papers get mixed up. This would so get me organized and I wouldn’t go to a meeting with wrong set of papers. Which I have done. LOL. Cause I would have them all together. Love this. I’m going to have to buy a few.

  105. Ramona P. says

    I would use one of these binders to organize my DS’s homeschool papers or my recipes. I already have a duo binder (got it per your recommendation) and I use it for the family budget paperwork. I like it a lot.

  106. Susan Smith says

    I really enjoy all the ideas you post! I have been wanting to order one and glad that I waited purple is my favorite color! Thanks for this opportunity to win one!

  107. Cheryl Carroll says

    I would LOVE to get organized like this again. I was BEFORE I had kids and then I lost it AND my mind!!!!!

  108. Doris Raum says

    I would love to use one of these binders to organize my mom’s financial papers in. Or my son’s or use it to organize my recipes, or bills or ………

  109. Rachael Schlipmann says

    I would use this for my Direct Sales business to organize contacts, my calendar, and my massive to do list :) This is such a great product from the looks of it. I can’t wait to try it!

  110. Brandy says

    I have this on my Amazon Wishlist… :) I am one of the most disorganized people I know, with intent to be organized. Slowly but surely. I’d love this to organize my bills and other house essentials. :)

  111. Michele Sommerville says

    What a fantastic, compact binder system! Can’t wait to see how you organize your homeschool schedule and activities! Imagine how great the binder would be for wedding planning too!

  112. Rachel says

    I would love one of those binders. The orchid color is so pretty. I would most likely use it for homeschool organization.

  113. Christina N says

    I love this new color as purple is my favorite. I would use it for a household budget binder. Thanks for the chance!

  114. Kelli D says

    There are a lot of places to start organizing with this product but I would probably use it for baby items for my 3 month old. Feeding schedules, Dr appts, coupons etc.

  115. Jennifer M says

    I would use the binder for either my household notebook or my meal planner. I think it would be perfect for either.

  116. Heather Murray-Cogliano says

    I love these, hope I win!! This one I would use for my household binder. I’m planning on buying a couple more for my home based business and financial/bill binder :)

  117. Michelle M says

    I would love to make a game instructions binder or organize my recipes. There are so many uses for this fabulous binder. Thanks for a chance to win!

  118. Debbie Miles says

    Would love to win this! Ingenious!
    I’m just beginning my “organization
    journey” and I could use it in countless

  119. JulieBee says

    This is my favorite color! I would love to win it. I would organize my home information in it, such as
    dimensions of all the rooms, Windows, furniture, beds, paint colors on the walls and furniture I’ve painted. This would be a good place to keep the model and serial#s for the large appliances, andmaybe the warranty info if I had enough room.
    I need lots of room to put my tear-outs of decorating ideas and future remodeling… :-)

  120. Jennifer says

    I would love to use it to keep track of my husband’s medical info and documents that I carry to and from his various doctor’s appointments, as I am his caregiver!

  121. Mary W says

    I LOVE organizing, and these look so very useful! I plan to get my recipes under control. Right now all those loose ones are taking over a file folder

  122. Trina says

    This folder is great to keep all the documents birth certificate. Deeds ~~~~~anything that you would need to have if there was an emergency! So you can grab it on the way out the door. We did a class on this in church R.S meeting you can keep credit card numbers insurance policies. Etc and when you have something in your hand, that’s important you know where to put it! Great to do with your parents. So if anything happens you know where every thing is. So do they. This is much better than the one I am using! Hope every one can do this?

  123. Shannon Davis says

    I just happened upon your site and I love it! I am a teacher so some of your organization ideas are great for both the classroom and home.

  124. Kathleen says

    So many ways to use! I think I would start by using this for my freelance writing and editing business–keeping track of projects, due dates, expenses, and the like. Love the new color too!

  125. Shaunna says

    I’d love this to keep everything organized- with working full time and two kids things and get ceazy quick!!

  126. Lori Parks says

    would love to have this binder. with working full time now, and trying to stay on top of things at home…things are crazy!

  127. Karla Thomas says

    I need these for so many things; home life, recipes, manuals and for my mini business. Want to make life a little easier

  128. Anna S. says

    Love your post! I am always trying to get organized better. I would use this for homeschool, but will have to invest for so much more like meal planning, finances, etc. I’m totally in love with this and can’t wait to try it!

  129. Julie says

    Attempted (and failed) to leave a blog post. I would definitely create the game binder for my family and thanks to your example, would love to do the recipe binder. I always find great recipes on Pinterest and can never find the printout later when I want to repeat it :-)

  130. Linda McQuade says

    I could really use one of these duo binders to help me organize patterns and receipts for my craft business.

  131. Brandy Hill says

    So many ideas!!! I cannot even begin to list all of the ideas going through my head for ways to use this in my home as well as in my classroom!! I absolutely love it! I am going to have to get several in each color!

  132. Kim Cummings says

    Lovin this neat organizer & new color, which is one of my favorite colors. I’m very OCD about a lot of things. We just relocated & moved into a new home. I told my husband & daughter “We are starting fresh. There is a place for everything & Everything has a place, when done with it PUT IT IN ITS PLACE!” But my biggest goal is to get more organized with our bills & grocery shopping! Thanks for sharing all of your neat & cool ideas. Can’t wait to try some of them. And thanks for a chance to win one of these cool duo binders :).
    Have a awesome week end.

  133. AmyK says

    With six very active, involved children, I would love a binder to help keep us more organized! I just went back to work fill time and keeping everyone/everything organized is a separate full time job :-)

  134. Carol B says

    I would LOVE this binder for home organizing. Thank you for all of your helpful organizing information and how-to’s!

  135. Miste Anders-Clemons says

    I have so many ideas of what to use it for: family organization, our video collection and/ or blog ideas. Still thinking which I will choose.

  136. Lexi Miller says

    I love this, i am trying to be more organized as wife, full-time worker, and mother to a beautiful 20 months old :)

  137. mjB says

    I’m starting a Home Management binder for the first time & have heard great things about the Duo Binder!

  138. Meghan says

    I need this to redo my recipe binder (which ripped the other night) and our home management binder. With six people in the household, it would be great to have a “file” for each of us!!

  139. Marsha Carrasco says

    Ohhhh Mannn….I sure would love to win this binder!! this binder would be used to help me organize all these stacks of paper on my desk. Then I would not have to peek around the stacks just to see my computer screen!1

  140. Gertrude Ezell says

    I would use it as my emergency papers binder, putting all the birth certificates, titles, insurance, etc information into.
    Thank you!

  141. Stephanie says

    Oh I love the color! Not sure where I would even begin to use this…the possibilities are endless! Blog planner, finance binder, Origami Owl, home management binder!! I so need to get one…or a few!! :)

  142. Tammy says

    There are so many possibilities: bills, vacation planning, Bible study notes and prayers; recipe collection.

  143. Penny W. says

    I am a volunteer for the American Cancer Society and I would use it to keep up with my Relay For Life activities.

  144. says

    I am a wife, mother of two, teacher, I work full time during the school year and my husband works away much of the time. It is my job to keep everything organized and together.

    I currently use a basic binder for my home organizer, but this would be amazing. I wouldn’t have to keep my grocery store ads in a separate folder, everything would be together and handy.

  145. Lisa says

    I would use this binder for my many recipes, getting them out of folders and note books and organizing them better

  146. Lisa Whitney says

    Purchased one earlier in the month – and needless to say my daughter took it to use in her summer class!

  147. Melanie says

    I can’t wait to use this in my classroom & at home for recipes & home binder! Thanks for sharing the offer!

  148. Sara says

    I need at least two: girl scout troop planner and record keeper, vital documents binder (birth certificates, ss cards, diplomas along with critical contact info and account numbers) so it’s easy to grab and go.

  149. Glenna Campbell says

    This would be great for school. One for each child and tracking what gets sent home from each teacher. Yeah!!!!

  150. Amanda Burt says

    Thank you for hosting this give away! It looks like such a great product! I would use it for important documents and bill organization. Ever since I saw your posts on the command center it has been on my “to do” list and I am feeling the need to put it into action! Looking forward to your homeschool planner post that you mentioned earlier!

  151. Janice Lacerte says

    I can’t wait to use this to organize my scrapbooking projects. I can plan each page layout with a place for photos; another place to hold stickers and another for papers. Also it could hold ideas for future scrapbook pages and themes. No more lost small pieces of paper or those littlel extra goodies that really make the scrap book pages pop.

  152. Dawn Burdette says

    I HAVE TO get an organizing system in place by end of August. I am now going back to school, my husband is in school now(full time), I am in school full time, and my daughter is going to Kindergarten. I need to have a system with binders to put above my desk to get at all the aspects of home and family at my finger tips. I am a visual learner; therefore, if the binders are in front of me I will always have the task at hand to complete.

  153. Cathy Boeche says

    The color of the year-orchid! I would love to finally get my hands on one of these organizers. I have loved reading about all the ways you use it to help you stay organized. Thanks for a chance to win one!

  154. says

    The use for meal planning is fantastic! I’d definitely use it like that with my rotating 60 day meal plan but also include a price book in the binder part and coupons in the accordion file!

  155. stephanie says

    i love the color!! I have so many ideas on what I could use this binder. The ideas that are in the forefront are either recipes/meal planning or home improvement. I would love to win this!

  156. Cathy says

    I’m spending the summer getting my “act together” before starting a new position in the fall. I would love having this and put it to great use!

  157. Christina says

    My husband just graduated from University last fall and since being employed our finances have been a mess. No structure or planning at all. I need this binder to finally get our poop in the group!

  158. Shannon says

    I so need to get organized. I would love to use this for getting my shopping organized. I think it would work great for my high school daughter also.

  159. says

    I would use this binder for our family finances. I always struggle with keeping receipts In one spot close to our finance folder so this would be ideal!

  160. Katie says

    I look forward to using a duo binder to organize my farm share recipes! So much produce, so many things to make!

  161. Lauren says

    I’d love to win one of these to organize my direct sales business – then I can convince my hubby to let me use them to organize everything else!

  162. says

    I would love to win this to use it to organize games as you previously posted. We like to play card games with my parents that my family has played for years when we are together and we always lose the rules and have to rewrite them every time. :( This would be great so everyone always knows where they are. :)

    Can’t wait to see your home school binder and printouts!


  163. barb knepp says

    this would be awesome to organize my classroom and students’ work. I am always looking for ways to keep things organized, neat, and accessible. It would so make me look more professional without going crazy (OCD).

  164. sharmiladevi says

    This binder will be great to organize my son school document. In a month we have to get ready for back to school process. This would be great.

  165. Brandi says

    I would love this for organizing my classes. I’m in charge of 6 classes and these binders would help keep them separate. One or two in each color please!

  166. Amy says

    I would totally use this to help me organize all the papers I need for when I run the book fair at my kids’ school. The color is BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!!!

  167. Kimi Sorensen says

    I would love to use the duo-binder to help organize my bills and filing. Your ideas and blog are a great source of inspiration to me. Even in my busy times of life. Thank you!

  168. Sandi Maxwell says

    Just found your blog and Facebook page, Love the 31 days of Home Management! Would love, love the orchid binder to go with it!! Look forward to the many days ahead with you and your blog.
    Thanks for sharing!

  169. Ava says

    LOVE this color! Would love to use this for bills or general home organization: weekly to-do lists, groceries, menu planning, etc.

  170. Felicia says

    I would use this to organize my bills & payments – or – I could use it to make a home organization binder.

  171. Tammy Smith says

    I am a mom of four boys! Yep, four! I am also a second grade school teacher! I will certainly find some great uses for this awesome product!!!!❤️

  172. Jalin Bingham says

    I am taking on the treasure position for an organization and this would be perfect to help organize all of the financial papers!!!

  173. Carolyn says

    I am paying bills by myself for the first time in 30 years. Getting organized has been more difficult than I imagined. I would use the duo binder to help with that!

  174. tanya subialdea | devine, tx says

    The Duo Binder would be PERFECT for my recipes!!! What a great way to organize them! =)

  175. Kelly Johnson says

    In recent years, stress and other circumstances have somehow depleted my previously innate organizational skills. Now I need help. Lists, charts, instructions, visual organizers. Plus, purple is my favorite color and my birthstone color, so it’s meant to be. I want to get back into a routine involving some sort of organization and order to improve quality of life for my daughter. A less stressed mommy = better things for everyone.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  176. Stacey says

    I would love to use it to organize my household…with 4 kids there is always a need to be organzied.

  177. Molly says

    I have one of the Duo Binders (it’s my home management binder) and I would LOVE a new one to house all of the homeschooling stuff that seems to be taking over my life right now. This is my first year homeschooling and I’m completely overwhelmed! lol

  178. Connie says

    I love the new color. I have never tried the duo system but see several possibilities including lesson plans and organizing my own college work. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  179. Anne says

    Summer is full of trips for our family, and I am trying to keep all my plans together in one place. This looks like just the binder I need! I do love the color as well.

  180. Kellyann says

    Your printable home organizer has helped this mom who suffers from sometimes debilitating depression keep her house from falling to pieces.
    THANK YOU!!!

  181. Sherry says

    I never seen one like this before, I love to organize things. Paper is the one I have the most trouble with.

  182. Donna says

    I so need to get organized. I moved and have packed my bills, here, there, and everywhere. Please help me get organized.

    I love your tips.

  183. Kimberly R says

    I have a lot of ideas for this binder! I can use it for our homeschooling, or organizing bills, or for putting in recipes that I print off the internet. :)

  184. Nicole French says

    What an amazing look. My fence says I have OCD in the organization and office section lol. Once I saw this I immediately fell in love with it.I found organizing site with free download and I just downloadedthe free downloads for organizing my bills and budgeting this is an amazing book to put all my downloads in.
    Thank you for the opertunety to even be entered in to your drawing. NICOLE

  185. Kendra says

    I would use the Orchid binder to organize my new Jamberry business! I would actually like to obtain more than one! I would use one as a home organizer/launch pad for my family :)

  186. sandy blazier byers says

    Planning on using mine to help me get organized. Between work and home I need all the help I can get to be organized

  187. Jana N. says

    I would love to use this Binder to help me keep ideas for Activities at the Nursing Home I work for. This would come in handy!!

  188. says

    I’ve not heard about this until now. I can see me using this for lots of stuff. It would really come in handy I bet for homeschooling and our homeschooling group stuff.

  189. Karina says

    This looks fantastic for all my homeschool stuff! Thanks for the giveaway. Actually, thanks for just introducing me to these. They look fabulous.

  190. Trisha says

    Wow, these are so cool. I can only imagine how well organized every aspect of my life would be if I had several of these. One for family, one for projects, several for businesses. Very innovative.

  191. Tiffany Jones says

    I have looked at this binder many times; just haven’t bought one. I know this binder would help me so much organizing my family life and my work life!

  192. Moe says

    I think I am in love! This binder would be perfect for my wedding planner. It would also be great for recipes and finances.

  193. says

    I would use this to keep my college life organized! I’m starting college in August, and would love something like this to keep me on track!


    I would love one of these for my travels back & forth each year to ARIZONA & back to WISCONSIN. We are snow birds and I really need to get more organized!

  195. Julia says

    I will use it to separately track my daily bills, receipts and todo’s to keep me on track with two businesses I now run. :)

  196. Bonnie says

    I’m curious to know how many binders you currently use- I would love this binder to get my recipes under control!

  197. Melissa says

    I would love to use the duo to organize our meals for the week and put the recipes in there as well!

  198. Melanie Pike says

    This looks so neat! Would come in handy for genealogy–or church (I’m the secretary). Or I could even hand it over to our son and daughter-in-law (who sell Arbonne). Lots of ways to use it obviously! Thanks for the opportunity to win. :)

  199. Kim Barclay says

    I would use this binder to condense my to do lists, shopping lists, menu planning, recipes, and budget. What an awesome binder!!

  200. Jessica Dunn says

    I’m trying hard to get organized and this would help. I would use it to get the household organized.

  201. Anne J says

    I cannot wait to use this binder to cart things from the classroom home. It is a great way to keep paperwork organized!

  202. Rhiannon F says

    I currently use a bulky 3 inch binder to organize everything in my life. This would make it so much easier!

  203. Susan says

    I would love to use this binner to be more orangized! I am in grad school and I plan on being a special education teacher. I think that this would work for both of these!

  204. Dea Keener says

    I want to try one of these for organizing or games–that was a great post and I think a simple but clever idea!

  205. Cassie says

    I would love to try this binder to replace my binder and accordion file for our military move paperwork.

  206. Amber says

    The uses are endless for these binders. Organizing lesson plans, bills, receipts for the business, and recipes are just a few I can think of right off hand.

  207. Teresa Marshall says

    Would love to have this to get my bills in order and for all of my recipes that I have collected throughout the years!

  208. gloria s says

    I would love to use it to hold all my son’s special needs paperwork: doctor information, prescriptions, medical history, case work, all in one place.

  209. Monica Dailing says

    I LOVE the color!! I would use this as an way to keep all my home management paperwork in our new home office.

  210. Lesley says

    I would use this system to help organize my home life – school, my Thirty-one business, dog agility, and house!!

  211. says

    I am going to use it for my business, which is really starting to take off. Love the versatility of the duo binder. It will work great for my thirty-one parties!

  212. Alicia Byrd says

    With two kids that play sports and a full time work-from-home job, this binder would be wonderful to replace my current organization system for schedules, sports, and travel. Great product recommendation.

  213. Ashley says

    I would love to have this to organize all my bills and receipts. I used to stay really organized with it but haven’t done it since I had my son. Now I have a big mess to straighten up.

  214. bonnie negron says

    I hope I win this duo. I want to tightly manage my budget in it! With my husband’s surgery I have to watch everything closely.

  215. Ashley says

    I’ve been wanting to order this from Amazon. My ten year old would love this for her art sets. Gonna get one for her birthday filled with all kinds of goodies.

  216. Michelle says

    Love DuoBinders and Really love this new color. I have so many ideas for using duobinders. I need to get more! thanks for the chance to win one.

  217. Jacqueline says

    A must have – I will use mine to organize the coming school-year-IEP/ARD meetings for our two children. A great place to keep their records…win one/purchase one!! (Hopefully)

  218. Barb says

    I am a pastor’s wife and in charge of our vacation Bible school. I would use it to organize everything each year. I could keep it all in one area and everyone would know what to look for for information. What a handy center.

  219. christine j hopper says

    I think this would be a great addition to the things i am putting to gether for my daughter that is expecting my first granddaughter..YAY Izzy Lou will be here in October

  220. Lisa says

    I would SO use one for my recipes! I love that idea and really, really, really need to get them organized.

  221. Ken Hall says

    I would use the Duo Binder to organize my material for the Mental Health Veterans Advisory Council (WJB Dorn VAMC, Columbia, SC) for which I am Secretary.

  222. Anna says

    We recently moved into our newly built house! This would be perfect for all the manuals, receipts, etc…my HOUSE Binder! :)

  223. Traci says

    I would use this as my homeschool binder. Also would be great for my kids at co-op this year. So many possibilities : )

  224. Stacey says

    This is such a great idea!! I am in process of organizing my home papers including budgeting and recipes, etc. I would use it for that. This would be a huge help, I love the combo feature!!

  225. Heather says

    I recently became a small business owner, and this would be perfect to start me off organized (& help me stay that way).

  226. Sharon says

    I plan several special events each year…I’ve been searching for this type of folder/notebook for the past several years as I had something similar a long time ago. This would help me organize each event and impress my boss!

  227. Michelle Ahrens says

    I would use it for organizing my home. I am a stay at home mom and I need something to help me get organized!

  228. Gia says

    I am a child passenger safety technician so I would use it to organize my car seat hand outs and use it for my car seat check forms. I desperately need to organize all my paper work.

  229. says

    I would use it for coupon organization! I have a small coupon organizer because I’m just starting out but I definitely need a larger option!

  230. Amy P says

    I would have to get a few. One for receipts and tax stuff. One for everyday living, and possible even another for work. Keeping up with documented phone calls and emails that require later time actions…etc. the uses are endless!!!

  231. Hollie Johnson says

    I would use it to organize my business forms and plans as well as have another one for a mobile office.
    I would love to have one for each of my kids for keeping up with their school work all in one place!

  232. L Cripe says

    What a great give-away! And my favorite color is purple too! The Duo Binder would help me tremendously in organizing my meal planning efforts. Thank you so much for coordinating this great give-away!

  233. FredaD says

    I have at least 3 jobs!!!! My “day” job…I work at our real estate after work & I help my sister with cleaning & gardening regularly. Plus my “grands”! I need more organization & love your site. Lots & lots of help!!! Thanks!

  234. rebekah says

    Thanks so much for the great info and inspiration you give us.
    This organizer would be so helpful to me as a homemaker!

  235. Dawn says

    I would you this binder to get my home business organized. Would be great to go see a potential client and in one swoop I am ready to go! Awesome idea!

  236. Anne Krill says

    I crave organization. Can’t seem to find what I am looking for when starting a new project. I keep knitting patterns, recipes, and at work I juggle with keeping track of due dates for client paperwork as a substance abuse counselor.

  237. Amy says

    I would love this binder! I would use it for my calendar! I put the school calendar in a binder and then use it as my own planner.

  238. Colette says

    As a Home Management binder. File section will be for recipes and meal planning (at the very least….)

  239. Judy Snyder says

    I am POA for my 93 year old stepmother. This would be a much better way to organize her pertinent information than individual files that I currently use.

  240. mandy davis says

    I just put my notice in at work to start my new job as stay at home mommy. I would LOVE this binder to create my home management binder. Please please please!

  241. Emily says

    A great binder to do many things. I can’t imagine the possibilities, they are truly endless. Amazing product.

  242. Melissa G says

    I never heard of the Duo Binder before. I’d love to use it to organize recipes, coupons, and kid’s school work.

  243. Tammy Foster says

    I am planning to organize our game instructions. You gave us great ideas for doing that. I have already done my household binder an I love it.

  244. Julie says

    With this fabulous binder I could really minimize all my paperwork and simplify my life. Thank you for a great opportunity to win one.

  245. Karen says

    Great Idea! I always organizing stuff and this would great to help out. Especially with all the stuff that the kiddos bring home.

  246. april mccrady says

    I would love this binder! I am in my last semester of school for getting my BA for teaching. Over time I have collected ideas that I would love to use in my classroom but they are in no order, I think this binder could really do the job. and when I get my own classroom it would be good for a substitute teacher folder. and all the colors are just beautiful. And I think this would be a great binder for my daughter who just graduated from high school and is just starting to figure out what she wants to do. thank you so much for introducing us to this binder.


  247. Kahri says

    I would love to use thus awesome binder for homeschooling! I would also love to get one for recipes. They look awesome!

  248. Joan says

    I would use for organizing the games for grandchildren. After 8 year old has been here for 2 weeks, all games have parts not in the boxes, etc. Need to do something soon before the next grandchildren come! Help!

  249. Sharon Clark says

    I think this would be perfect for keeping my current Bible study materials together.