Get Better Bin

A few years ago, my husband took a new job as a pastor 600 miles from our home.  We packed up our family and moved to a new city, far away from our families and all of our friends.

I was almost 7 months pregnant with our fourth child.

We moved into our house, started homeschooling, and began preparing for our new arrival in the midst of unpacking, painting, and getting new carpeting.  It was a whirlwind!

Our daughter was born in November, entering us into one of the coldest and snowiest winters anyone could remember for a long time.

When my infant daughter was just two months old, she contracted RSV, a respiratory virus that can be very dangerous for infants.  She was hospitalized, but thankfully recovered well.

Two weeks to the day after she was hospitalized, my second eldest daughter was hospitalized for dehydration from the flu.  None of our children had ever been hospitalized before, so it was kind of a shock to deal with it twice in two weeks!  My husband stayed at the hospital with her so I could be home with our infant daughter to protect her from getting more germs.

Well, the flu wasn’t finished with our family at that point.  The day she was discharged, my husband and I both got it.  Then our eldest daughter got it.

We found ourselves 600 miles from family and friends with a brand new baby, sick as dogs.  I remember just laying sideways on the bed listening to my baby cry next to me and not having an ounce of strength to hold her.  It was horrible.

Thankfully, God sent us the blessing of a wonderful new friend.  She graciously offered to help.  We desperately needed it, because we were getting dehydrated and had no “sick foods” in the house.  My husband and I were so sick we couldn’t imagine trying to trek out to the store.  She went to the grocery store for us and picked up a few necessities: chicken noodle soup, Gatorade, crackers, ginger ale, etc.

Right then and there I promised myself that I would never be caught in that type of a situation again!  I decided I would buy some of those staples and always have at least a few things on hand.

I bought a little bin to keep our “get better” foods in.  I don’t take anything out of it unless it’s absolutely necessary.  Every so often I will swap out some of the items and make sure the use by dates haven’t expired.

Here is a list of the things I keep in my bin:

  • Jello (great easy “liquid” for weak tummies)
  • Applesauce
  • Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Chicken Broth
  • Oyster Crackers
  • Gatorade or Vitamin Water
  • Unfrozen Ice Pops (I don’t usually keep popsicles on hand during the winter, so I just put some ice pops in the freezer when one of us is sick. Popsicles are excellent for getting kiddos to take in liquids.)
  • Ginger Ale

Some other things I usually have on hand:

  • Chicken
  • Egg noodles in the pantry
  • Rice
  • Bananas
  • Bread for toast

There you go.  The Get Better Bin.  I hope you never have to use it. 😉


  1. says

    That is really an awesome idea. Just yesterday I had to take my mom (who lives 100 miles away) some soup, orange juice, and some of the vitamins I use so that she would get better. I hate not having chicken soup and other necessities when one of my family members are sick. It is impossible to drag a stuffy nose toddler to the store for those things when they are needed. I am going to stock back up on my soup, thanks for the reminder!

  2. Annell Wayman says

    That’s a great idea. If you are too sick to think, you don’t even have to look for things you might need. Even if you usually have some of them on hand, they are all together where you can find them easily.

  3. says

    What a brilliant idea!…I could use one of those baskets right now, as I sniff away and my head pounds with a head cold! It’s also a nice idea to deliver to friends and family when they’re sick too. I really like your blog and I am your new loyal follower! When you have a chance, come by for a visit at my blog, Home is Where my Heart is @ and make sure to say hi! Big Hug, Cath

  4. says

    Love this! It would be neat to make a few of these up and have them ready to deliver if you hear of anyone who is under the weather! I’m pinning too =)

  5. says

    I love this! I usually have a few of these things on hand, but I never have everything I need. I love the idea of having it all in a bin and easy to locate!

  6. says

    Such a fabulous idea!! I never have the “sick,” foods around when I need them- the foods that we normally eat are not necessarily the most appealing to sick kids (or adults). I need to make one of these ASAP. Thank you so much for sharing the idea!

  7. says

    My husband and I have both had the flu at the exact same time twice. The first time we had no “sick food” the house and neither of us could imagine going to the store in the state we were in. It was awful! After that I decided we’d always have sick food on hand too. I don’t have mine in a bin (but that’s a great idea) I just make sure we have it in the cabinets. A few years later when we both had it again, having all that stuff on hand really made a big difference!

  8. Kathy says

    What a great idea! I am going to make one of these up for my neice who just started her first year at Alabama. She is about 4 hours away from home. Her grandmother made her a medicine survival kit, but I like the idea of having the go to liquids on hand to keep one from getting dehydrated. I just discovered your blog and am enjoying it very much.
    Have a great weekend.

    • says

      Thanks, Kathy. I appreciate your sweet comment! That is a great idea to send it as a gift! I’m sure your niece will appreciate it. You have a great weekend, too, and thanks for stopping by. :)

  9. Ketutar says

    This is such a heart-warming story :´)
    Thank God for people like your friend – and you :-) And thank you for sharing your story so that others can learn to be such people too :-)

  10. Valerie says

    I love your site! this is a great idea. IM adding the contents this weeks shopping list to make one up post haste!! ty God bless you for reminding us to be diligent in all things…..V

  11. says

    I love this idea! During our bout with the Great Tummy Bug of 2012 over Christmas, I was so exhausted, I couldn’t make any decisions. I think having a ready-to-go bin is brilliant. A little preparation goes a long way!

    I’ve spent some time on your site today, downloading your Home Management Binder and other printables — thank you! I’m delighted to have found your space.

    Grace and peace,

  12. Sally says

    I would also add in a couple of items to keep little people busy such as a new coloring book and crayons and maybe some playdough-things that wouldn’t be used unless mom, dad, or the child were sick…It’s always good to have some sort of novelty around in case of illness! :)

  13. kelly says

    My mom always had @ boxes one with things we would need if the power went out and one for if we got sick! We only had one car and dad took it to work. Also my parents were firm believers of only going to the store once a week.

  14. gigi says

    I think this is a WONDERFUL idea. I like to cook, but don’t like to go to the store often so I keep so much food in the house I am not in danger of not having what I need, (the danger is throwing things away because I don’t always use everything), but for most people, this is a fantastic safety net.

  15. Brett says

    I’m Mr. Mom of 3 kids (yes, stay home daddy even 99% do diaper changed). Your post is awesome idea than my own idea. I do have enough bulk food alike you provided the lists, but wrong location AS if i dont feel alike go to basement. Thank you for idea even it is 2 years ago.

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