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As I was thinking about all that is involved with having a well planned Christmas, I thought about an area that is not my strength.  Thank you notes. They are just not something I do well.  I’m a techie sort of gal, so I much prefer writing digital thank you’s as opposed to sitting down with a pen and paper.  While I definitely still love getting a hand written note in the snail mail, I am eagerly awaiting the day when digital thank you’s become acceptable etiquette.

I know.  Call me unsentimental, but it IS the thought that counts, right?

Whether you prefer digital or handwritten, the fact is that you need to keep track of gifts so you can send a note of appreciation to the giver.  During the holidays, there can be gifts coming and going in all directions and it becomes nearly impossible to keep track of it all without a good list.

On my printables page, you’ll find lots of lists for keeping your Christmas shopping organized for family, friends and relatives.  But I think it’s time for a list to help us organize our thank you notes. :)

So, I decided to make a printable to help you (and me!) keep track of our thank you notes this year!

You can use one list for everyone, or simply print out a sheet for each member of your family.  Put them in a little binder and jot down the gifts as they are opened.  If you have young children, you may want to print out my free Christmas Thank You Notes here.

Feel free to print the Christmas Thank You Notes Printable here, but please respect my copyright listed below the printable.

Copyright: These printables are copyright © 2012  Printables are for personal use only. Please do not distribute in any format for free or for profit. Please do not link directly to the downloadable pages, but feel free to link to this page’s URL.  Thank you!



  1. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says

    I am all for thank you notes when an event is specific to you and you are the only one receiving gifts. Bridal Showers, Weddings, Baby Showers and birthdays.

    I do NOT understand thank you notes for Christmas. I give my mom a gift, she gives me a gift and then we are supposed to write each other a thank you note? After we also spent a fortune to send everyone christmas cards? That is just bizarre to me!

    If me or my kids get gifts from family that are not with us on Christmas, we will Skype with them to say thanks, merry Christmas and we love them.

    I have never received a thank you card and have never written one for Christmas gifts…I would find it awkward if I got one!

    Maybe I am not up to speed on my Emily Post Etiquette, but I am boycotting this thing LOL!

    • says

      I see your point totally. Different families do different things. I’m trying to encourage my children to learn to show thankfulness, and one way we do that is by writing thank you notes whenever we’re given a gift, Christmas or otherwise. Having said that, some of our closest relationships do not expect thank you notes, and know we appreciate their thoughtfulness, so we don’t always send to them. However, there are many gifts given at Christmastime from extended family, friends, neighbors, teachers, etc., that we will definitely send notes to. To each his own, right? :)

      • MomofTwoPreciousGirls says

        Absolutely and maybe that is the difference…we only exchange with immediate family. We keep the circle very tight. I don’t think we have ever gotten Christmas gifts from “outsiders”!

  2. diki b says

    Thank you so much for this idea and letting us make a copy. I am terrible at writing thank yous and this will help me remember and keep track. Great idea!

  3. says

    I love this! I make my kids write thank you notes to EVERYONE for anything they get from them for Christmas – even brother to sister and sister to brother. They need to understand that not only is it proper etiquette, but it’s important to show gratefulness for what they receive. I will send a niece/nephew a gift and NEVER know whether they even got the gift, let alone that they are thankful for it. It’s rude and I think this is a wonderful way for them to keep track of it. Great job, Ginny!I don’t agree with the Mom of Two Precious Girls at all!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  4. Monica says

    Love your site, I get your weekly email and am reading all the time. I admire your work and love for organization. Thank you very much.

  5. says

    Hi Ginny! Thank you for another amazing printable. It is cute and so functional! I too have my children write thank you notes for Christmas gifts. Last year I used your adorable thank you cards and this year my son remembered the penguin ones and wants to use them again. Thank you for all you do! This printable will keep me more organized. :)

  6. Jenna says

    Just came across your site via Pinterest – just perfect for starting the New Year. Your printables are beautiully thought our and fun to look at! Thank you for sharing your talent with your followers! Your tips are wonderful too!

  7. Carla Edwards says

    Your printables are wonderful! I was wondering if you could possibly add a “Christmas” titled section divider. :) Also a section you might add to the home management binder is a “Party Planning” section. Using the holiday meal planning page as well as adding a guest list page with a place for name, phone #, address, and attendance confirmation “yes” or “no” boxes. A shopping list page could also be added including a food/drink section, decoration section, and a supply section for cups, plates, napkins, utensils, platters, etc. With 4 kids I tend to have a lot of parties and having a matching section in my binder for this info would be incredibly helpful.
    Thank you so much,

  8. Kris Lee says

    Ginny, you need to check out I have just been introduced and it is amazing. A digital way to actually send physical cards, easy, affordable and no driving to the Post office to mail anything. Just sit, make the cards and they do all the work, including adding a gift if you need one.
    I love this…

  9. Susan says

    Where or where to begin?? I would have to start with a calendar to keep track of daily activities. I struggle with what to eat everyday so, a meal planner would be GREAT!

  10. Jennie Hess says

    Thank you so much for letting me print off a print able Thank you list. I have a big family and do not have the creativity to sit down and do something like this!
    And thank you that it is free!
    May God Bless you abundantly this season in your life!!!!
    God loves a cheerful Giver!
    May God return your Blessing tenfold and may he answer many of your prayers.
    In Jesus Name!
    I really appreciate your tenacity.
    Jennie Hess
    Wife to a wonderful husband and 6 incredible sons!

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