Thank You Cards ~ Free Printables

One thing (among many) that I am trying to teach my children is how to show gratitude.  I want them to truly express their thanks when they are given a gift.

But…if your kids are anything like mine, getting them to sit down and write a thank you card is not an easy task!

I understand that they don’t know what to write, and that for young children, writing lots of notes is beyond their ability.  And we all know it’s the thought that counts, so I wanted to make it a little easier on them!

I made some printable Christmas thank you cards and envelopes and I decided to share them with you!  There are blank lines after the “thank you” for your kiddos to fill in what they are thankful for.

See my envelope tutorial here for instructions on how to fold the envelope.  If you don’t feel like reading it, just make sure you trim off about 1/8″ from the bottom flap.  Your printer will probably cut off the bottom line.  This will help the top flap to close well.


Feel free to print these, but please respect my copyright (listed below).

A Reason For the Season Sample:

Click to download:

“A Reason For the Season” Thank You Note

“A Reason For the Season” Envelope

Penguin Sample:

Click to download:

Penguin Thank You Note

Penguin Envelope

Polar Bear Sample:

Click to download:

“Thanks a Bunch” Thank You Note

“Thanks a Bunch” Envelope


Rudolph Sample:

Click to download:

Rudolph Thank You Note

Rudolph Envelope

Copyright: These printables are copyright © 2011  Printables are for personal use only. Please do not distribute in any format for free or for profit. Please do not link directly to the downloadable pages, but feel free to link to this page’s URL.  Thank you!


  1. says

    Wow! What an adorable printable! Thank you for sharing! I too write thank you notes for my kiddos gifts and have them color a little inside. These will be perfect!

    • says

      I love that you have them color inside! That makes it so personal. My littlest one loves to draw “elephants” for people. They look nothing like elephants, but I know the recipients love to see her drawings. :)

  2. Gini says

    Thank you so much for these adorable cards and your wonderful blog! I am striving to be a mom like you and your tools are so helpful!!! (I love your name BTW!) :-)

  3. Emily says

    Found you through Money Saving Mom – thank you for sharing these! We have thank yous for Christmas plus a Dec. 26 birthday to send out and these will be great! I usually give my 3 yo the choice of coloring or putting stickers in the cards we send since he can’t write yet. I will probably be smarter with these and let him color/sticker them *before* I write in the message, as he enthusiastically colored right over the words of some of our Christmas cards!

  4. Joy says

    These are so cute & will help encourage my 7 year old daughter to write thank you notes for her Christmas gifts. Thank You!

  5. Dineen says

    Thank you so much for these delightful printables! I have yet to get my little one to sit down “to write” thank-yous for Christmas gifts and these will be a blessing for her pre-writing and desire to trace with the fill-in. The artwork you’ve created/chosen will give her an opportunity to express her personality.

  6. Kate says

    Thank you SO much! I insist on my children writing thank you notes and these are just perfect! thank you for sharing! I found your site through Koupon Karen! Happy New Year!

  7. Nicole says

    My thanks to you for sharing these with us! They are darling and my kiddos will have a blast sending them – best wishes in the New Year!

  8. says

    Thanks so much for sharing you very cute printables! I don’t think we write thank you’s anymore. A good idea to bring back and take the time to write. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday’s Best!

  9. nitha says

    hi. cute printable cards.
    i’m just curious to know, how you made them? by drawing yourself or by using some software or app?

  10. Marion says

    My group needed thank you cards for our officers and our budget is very small. By using these cards, we will be able to put the money we save toward their gifts which are already kind of small. Thank you for sharing these adorable cards.

  11. YooperSnowflake says

    Thank-you!!! We used the “Reason for the Season” one today. You made it real neat and easy to thank everyone for sharing with us this Christmas. Thanks again!

  12. Cassie J. says

    Is there a way to take the lines off the inside of the cards? My teen doesn’t need the lines. Love the cards and the envelopes!!

  13. Karen says

    These Thank You notes are just the cutest. Wanted to use the Nativity one for the children at Church during Children’s Church, but there is not an printable envelope. 2 of the 4 notes do not have envelopes and 2 of the 4 are envelopes only. What am I doing wrong.

    • says

      Sorry it wasn’t working for you, Karen. I just checked and it seems to be working fine on my end. I think the problem may be that you have to click on the thank you note and the envelope pictures separately. They are not in the same pdf file. Hope that helps. :)

  14. Jamie says

    Thank you so very much!! I was able to get my two kids to get thank you cards done in a breeze!! They loved how cute and colorful they were and they even liked picking which one they wanted not me.. THank you for sharing your talent.. It helps me out alot fornotbeing talented and it teaches my kids something that is very important.
    THank you thank you

  15. KimH says

    Thanks so much! I love these and am printing a few right now to send to extended family members for having us over for Christmas dinners..
    Many blessings!

  16. Tina A says

    Just what I was looking for!! I cannot decide between the penguin or rudolph, they are so stinkin adorable! THANK YOU!!

  17. Kelly says

    Thank so much! These cards are too, too cute! I agree in the day and age of technology, kids still need to send a personalized thank you for each and every gift! Thanks for making it easier in a busy mom of 3 precious little ones!

  18. Heather says

    They’re all adorable! Thank you for sharing. Esp, love the nativity Thank You’s. What paper do you recommend? Card stock? Thx

    • says

      Thanks, Heather. <3 I use regular printer paper and they turn out well. You could try a lightweight cardstock, but don’t go too heavy or you won’t be able to fold it cleanly. :)

  19. Carolsue says

    Hi.. These cards are so adorable! I would like to say Thank You for makin them so easy to print! I do have a question or perhaps an idea ., Are you gonna have more cards? Like maybe seasonal and other holidays! I am going to add ur site to my favorites so I can go thru and see whats all here when I get a spare moment! Once again Thank You for the easy printable version! Have a Good Day..and God Bless!

  20. says

    Thank you for these quick & easy printable thank you cards! I needed something quick and easy for me to direct my son in his Christmas thank you notes, these were just perfect! We used the rudolph design but I’ll use the next designs in the next few years. Done! Thanks for helping me simplify life! : )


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