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This summer, my family is doing something we’ve never done before: taking a two week vacation traveling through 6 states.  I’ve been planning this vacation since January, researching, reading, asking YOU for recommendations on my Facebook (thanks for the great ideas – we’re using a bunch of them!).

Planning a vacation this big has been a huge undertaking.  Trying to figure out where to go, what to see, what to do, and where to stay has taken a lot of effort.  A few months ago, I was so overwhelmed with the planning that I considered canceling the trip and taking an “easier” vacation.  That’s when I realized I was missing something very important to the success of our trip – a great vacation planner.  So I made one!

Printables to organize vacation

I started thinking about how I would organize all the ideas, schedules, events, reservations, coupons, brochures etc., and keep it all together in one place.

I’ve told you before that I’m a Brand Ambassador for the Duo Multitasking Binder and there is a reason for that.  I love this binder!  I just knew one of my Duo binders would be perfect for my vacation planner.  I talked with the folks at Inoventions (the makers of the Duo) and they thought it was a great idea, too.


We’re partnering together to give you a great giveaway!  FIVE of you will have an opportunity to win a Duo Multitasking Binder and my 9-page Vacation Planning printable pack!!!

Duo Binder and Vacation Planner Giveaway

Why do I love this combo for planning a great vacation?  Let me tell you!

Vacation Planner

When I begin planning anything whether it’s a vacation or buying a camera, I start researching.  I read reviews and articles, ask people for suggestions, and jot it all down.  When I asked you on Facebook for ideas for places to visit, you all came through with excellent suggestions!

The first page of the printable pack is the Ideas & Suggestions page.

We’ll be staying in several cities on our trip, so I printed one for each location.  When I receive a suggestion that sounds good, I jot it down on this page.  This is a great place for writing down all the possibilities.

Ideas and Suggestions Printable

I use the Research & Ideas page to take notes on the suggestions I liked best.  As I find information online, I write down the location, hours, admission price, and website for future reference.  It’s also a great spot to jot down general information about the attraction to make daily plans come together easily.

Research and Ideas Printable

Once I finish researching the possibilities, I narrow down our choices and come up with a daily schedule.  Now, just in case you’re thinking that I’m extremely OCD, you should know that daily schedules are meant to be used as a GUIDE.  They give us a plan for what we can do and what our options are.  If we find something along the way that we’d rather do, we definitely change the plans!

Daily Vacation Plans Printable

After I plan out the days, I fill in the At a Glance planning page.  This page is great for my hubby and kids to reference.  They constantly ask me, “where are we going today?”, “where are we staying tonight?”, “what are we eating for dinner?”, etc.  This is a great spot to keep basic details.  There are 7 days on this page.  If you’re vacation is longer, just print out two pages.

At a Glance Vacation Printable

The Vacation Bucket List page is a fun place to jot down things you want to do on your vacation like read that book you’ve been meaning to read or go bungee jumping or something crazy you’ve been wanting to do!  I’ll be the one reading the book. 😉

Vacation Bucket List Printable

Next is the Travel Details page where you can keep track of your flights, hotels, and car rentals.  Incidentally, the trip we’re taking this year is a road trip, so we won’t be using this page.  The At a Glance page has a spot for hotel confirmation numbers and info., so I’ll keep those details there.

Travel Details Printable

Now that the vacation is planned, let’s get packing!  Over the years, I’ve made one packing list after another for the changing seasons of my family.  One thing that I’ve never liked about those super long lists is that every vacation is different and no one list can cover them all.  If I listed every thing we might need for an Alaskan cruise and then everything we might need for a camping trip, the list would be pages long.  Outfits and clothing needs vary so much that I decided not to put much in the “clothing” section of my new packing list.  Rather, I created a “What We’re Wearing” page.

What We're Wearing Printable

I’m so happy about this page, because usually when I’m packing from a list that says “7 outfits” or “7 jeans and 7 shirts”, I have to put way too much mental energy into remembering what those outfits are for each member of the family.  And, the chance that every single piece of clothing we’re taking is washed and clean when I’m packing is HIGHLY unlikely.  That makes it so hard to check off the “7 shirts” box even if six of them are already packed!

So, on this page, I check the box below each outfit when it is packed.  This page has spaces for four family member’s outfits for seven days.  Have a larger family?  Print two!  Have a longer vacation?  Print more!

Before packing, I think about each member of the family’s clothing, where we are going each day, and plan the outfits accordingly.  Curious how I pack for a large family?  Check out how I don’t pack with suitcases here.

Finally, I use the Vacation Packing List to make sure I’ve got everything else we’ll need from toiletries and shoes to outerwear and technology.

Vacation Packing List Printable

The Vacation Planning Printable Pack is now available in my shop for just $8.  As a bonus to this giveaway, you can get 10% off any order in my shop through 8/4/13! Use the code: DUOGIVEAWAY for the discount.  You can check out my shop here.

Vacation Printables

So why do I think the Duo Multitasking Binder is the perfect binder to take with you on vacation?  Well, the Duo not only has a 3-ring binder that’s perfect for keeping my Vacation Planner, but it also has an attached 7 pocket accordion file that’s perfect for keeping other travel documents.

I have a spot for local maps, travel brochures, reservation confirmation pages, directions, local coupons, and event tickets.  It’s a perfect spot to keep everything organized!

Duo with Travel Brochures

Another thing I use the 3-ring binder side of the Duo for is a notebook.  I always need paper to jot notes and info down, plus it’s a great spot for journaling the fun!

Notebook in Duo

Are you interested in the Duo Binder?  You can now get FREE shipping with Amazon Prime!  The Duo is perfect for Home Management Binders, organizing school papers, bills, tax documents, medical information, and much more!  Check out the Duo Multitasking Binder here.

And now for the best part!!!  FIVE of YOU can win a Duo Multitasking Binder and a Vacation Planning Printable Pack!

The Fine Print:

  • Five winners will be chosen randomly using to receive a Duo Multitasking Binder with a 9-page Vacation Planning Printable Pack included.  Winners will also be emailed the downloadable Vacation Planning Printable Pack in a digital zip file.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.
  • Entrants must be 18 years or older.
  • Giveaway begins Wednesday, July 24, 2013 and ends at 11:59 p.m. eastern time Monday, August 5, 2013.
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Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link.  I have been compensated by Inoventions in working as a Brand Ambassador.  My opinions are 100% my own, and I was not influenced to write a positive review. I only share products with my readers that I truly love. If I don’t like it, I won’t promote it. :) See my full disclosure policy here.


  1. Jenny says

    What a cool draw! I LOVE the What To Wear Each Day section!! It will definitely save a LOT of time when packing!

  2. Linda says

    I love the vacation printables and the duo binder because you can get organized and not be so stressed about taking/being on vacation. This way you can actually enjoy the vacation~!

  3. Chrissy Rene says

    I LOVE that the planner has everything so neatly organized and won’t allow you to forget anything for the vacation! That will make the trip that much more relaxing!
    The DUO is AWESOME! I love that it’s a binder and an accordion file in one! I need several of them! For my classroom, my home, my office, my coupons!

  4. Sandra says

    You have such wonderful ideas!!! I have taken advantage of so many of them! This organizer would be such a great addition and it’s a wonderful idea!!! Thanks,

  5. Rebecca F. says

    Love how organized one can be with the notebook and the vacation planner. I’m thinking this would also work great for military members as they plan their moves. The duo would help keep important paperwork and the accordion file would also work great to hold receipts. The vacation planner sheets would help keep you on track during your vacation or your across the country move. Love it!

  6. Cairn says

    I love this! The vacation planner would keep me from having to create my own. I used a vinyl folder on our last trip for all the information I needed and for brochures and stuff we collected along the way. I think I would like the Duo for keeping my PTA stuff organized.

  7. Robin East says

    I like all your organizers. Vacation planner would help tremendously getting all vouchers together and discount tickets. Hope I win!!!!!

  8. Anne says

    LOVE this vacation binder! It’s easy to read and it’s colourful — makes organizing and planning FUN!

  9. Jessica S says

    I absolutely love this. I’m always coming up lists and creating binders for when we go on vacation. This is perfect to keep me organized and love the colors of the printables.

  10. Brenda W says

    I love the Duo Binder – I have two that I use – one for my blog and one for my home binder. And I the vacation planner looks so organized and has everything in it!

  11. Meaghan says

    I love that the duo binder has endless possibilities and love that the vacation pages will give me everything I need without having a hundred different pages printed or ten different binders for everything! :-)

  12. Joyce M. says

    I love that it has the ‘What We’re Wearing” form because I am really bad at packing outfits. We end up not wearing half the stuff we bring, which is a waste of our checked in bag. :/

  13. Christine says

    I love that the duo is both a binder and a file folder, combined with your vacation planner, I could be soooo organized!

  14. Amanda Paige says

    I love that the Duo Binder comes in a bunch of colors plus some different designs. And I love to make lists when I go on vacation so a vacation planner is right up my alley.

  15. Jackie says

    I am psyched! We just scheduled our 2014 vacation and will be heading through three states to get to our final destination and boy, oh boy, could we use the Duo Binder and vacation planner for this trip! Love it!!!

  16. Veronica T says

    I think this would be great for me because we have never been on family vacation and I wouldn’t really know where to start planning everything. The planner and binder would help me keep all the details organized.

  17. Jennifer Adair says

    Love the look and the layout of you vacation planner, it would make it so much easier to have it all together and planned out.

  18. says

    I love the whole thing..the colors, the versatility, the ability to store pamphlets and souvenirs! I think is possibly the best vacation planner I’ve ever seen!

  19. Cathy says

    I love the fact it does a lot of the “thinking for you.” The categories make it so easy & fun to plan. The colors are so inviting. They are what I call “happy colors.” Great planner for the “organizer” side in all of us.

  20. Shauna K says

    oh my word, I love that this is exactly what I’ve been looking for for our Emergency Preparedness binder! A 3 ring part for papers & lists and a closed section for keeping documents! Thanks so much for hosting :) And your vacation planning is totally what I do, so your printables are great!!

  21. Dana says

    I’m am the most disorganized person in the world and your stuff makes planning for the trip a whole lot easier!

  22. Kris C. says

    I think my favorite thing would definitely be that the binder and accordion file are attached. Too many times of dropping binders containing brochures in page protectors and having them fall out!

  23. Angie says

    This combination would be perfect for planning a family vacation, especially what to pack. And the handy attached file would be perfect for storing plane tickets, baggage tickets, etc!

  24. Teresa says

    I love having everything together – and how cute the printable s are! I use handwritten lists, & wish I’d had these before our vacation.

  25. Ginny says

    I need all the help I can get in organizing my life. I would love something like this to keep everything in one place while traveling.

  26. Maria says

    I love that I can put all my travel stuff together, brochures and coupons. I also live that I can plan out my days and travel and not lose anything since it all be in one place. So organized and that is not how I normally am.

  27. Brielle says

    While living in Germany, we have made a list of so many places to go and it takes a lot of planning. This would be perfect!! Plus, I love all the colors :)

  28. Nancy says

    This planner looks wonderful. I am planning a vacation at the end of summer and just have all of my notes, confirmations, etc. just stuffed in a drawer. But I was proud that they were all in the same place, lol! I love how portable this planner makes for all of that information.

  29. Pam says

    I love how the planner flows from the ideas and research to the daily activities including the what to wear guide. Love the bright colors too, perfect for something as fun as a vacation.

  30. kelly says

    I love that it is exactly what I am looking for! I am in the early stages of planning a Disney Vacation for 8! Love that the binder has pockets to put all of my flyers/info and LOVE the Vacation Planner Bucket List!

  31. Stephanie Miller says

    I love that the Duo is a multi-use product. It’s perfect for a vacation or trip away when you have lots of items to carry along. The “What We’re Wearing” section in the Vacation Planner is genius!

  32. Derondah says

    A great combination to make sure you don’t leave half of what you meant to take with you behind. My family always ends up at a Walmart or Target because of something that we left and should have brought with us. The binder would be a great thing to keep all the “paper” on, such as airline tickets, trip details, etc… I really could have used this on our vacation last year! I really like the vacation schedule so that everyone can check and see what the activities that day are instead of having to answer the ‘What are we doing today?” question a million times! :)

  33. Amanda Wenzel says

    I totally think this is awesome… I always wait to the last minute to get ready. Never have a plan while on vacation and so therefore it’s usually stressful and a day spent trying to agree on what we should do. This is just what I need… Thanks for the post you are awesome…

  34. Tara B. says

    I LOVE this idea. I have basically done the same thing all these years for our yearly “big trip” for our Girl Scout troop. I love the idea of having a binder for all the forms and a pretty organizer to help the girls plan the trip! This is so cool!

  35. says

    I have to pick one favorite?? I love that everything is all together in one place with easy access to find what you need when you need it.

  36. Jennifer says

    Favorite thing would have to be the “what are we going to wear” this will help with not packing to much. Also make sure we have everything when we leave, we can just check it off. I also like the bucket list.

  37. Lesa says

    It’s perfect! Everything’s in one place and I don’t have to try and remember what else I’m forgetting, the planner pages have it all laid out for me!

    Great job, thank you!

  38. Ellen says

    Planning a trip to Disney (Spring 2014). Three kids (16,13,6) I really need this! It would be a huge money saving help!

  39. Tonia says

    I’m working really hard on organizing my life this would just be one more step in the right direction. Love your website it has helped me so much and even if I don’t win thanks for all you do to help me in my life.

  40. Sharmin says

    I can absolutely see this being used in my classroom. I use lots of binders and folders and try to color code them, but this would be perfect! Lesson plans in the binder and handouts or assignment sheets in the folders. I see at least 6 of these in my future!

  41. Sandra H. says

    Adore all the colors. Anything that keeps me organized and less stressed is a winner !! Thanks for doing the giveaway

  42. Tammy says

    I love the idea of keeping it all in one place verses scrawled on papers in my purse, truck and counter, bookmarks on the laptop etc. Very organized! Also love the seperate spaces in the binder.

  43. Cara Jones says

    I love that I can keep everything together and yet its not tooo bulky to keep with us where ever we go and everything is in one spot!

  44. Brooke says

    I love this, I usually make one for our vacations, but this is amazing!! Adding in the binder duo perfection. My mind is blown. This is fabulous!

  45. Katie says

    I love the bright colors!!!!! I have a large family and this would be great to plan trips!!!!!! I would love the list making help!!!!!

  46. Brandi says

    Please come live in my brain for just a week! I love this idea! we are going on vacation in the middle of August and the Vacation Planner would help me not forget all the fun things we have planned. Not to mention keep track of 7 people’s stuff while we are out exploring the world.
    And I think I need to buy 35 of these binders…..there goes my budget….. :-)

    BTW, Just started my 17 yo sister in law on the household binder, she loves it!

  47. Wendy S. says

    What a great giveaway! I especially love the Research & Ideas Page and having all of this information together in one spot! :-)

  48. Mildred says

    This is amazing package, never thought of orgainizing a vacation, love all the details, and place to all store it together to take along with you. Amazing….. Since I haven’t truly had a vacation in the past seven years and I believe the last of the surgeries and treatments are finally over from my two time rounds with Breast Cancer this would be great to plan a REAL vacation that I really NEED. Thank you for the opportunity :)

  49. Tammy says

    Love your organizing skills….and you make it all so pretty too!!!
    I have started using some of your Home Bill Organizing sheets…LOVE THEM!!
    We travel alot in a Truck Camper and have tried so many different things to TRY to stay organized and have done nothing to satisfy myself…..BUT…this looks AMAZING!!!! You are so talented!!! Thanks for sharing all your ideas….HOpe I win one….can’t wait to try it out!!!

  50. Helen says

    I have just found this, but, I already know that being able to plan my wardrobe for each day is going to be a huge help!!!

  51. says

    I think my favorite part is the attractions sheet where you can write in all of your reservations and appointments!! LOVE the whole set!! :)Thanks for the opportunity!!

  52. Staci Williams says

    I love that it puts everything in one place and makes it simple. Plus the accordion file is awesome! I never know what to do with all the brochures and maps and stuff.

  53. Ginny says

    I love that you can store all the maps, flyers etc. Plus everything is so neatly put together. I can now keep it all in order instead of shuffling thru purse for pieces of paper. I love everything about it, its so hard to just pick one. When i am not organized i get this would make our vacations so much easier.

  54. Elizabeth C says

    It’s so organized. It will help my son see the “pre-planned” outfits and quickly see our plans without leaving papers everywhere and loosing them! It’s neat, neat, neat!!!!

  55. Lisa says

    It seems like it would be so handy to keep EVERYTHING all together in one secure place (instead of every where in the car)

    Thank you for tempting the shopper in me!

  56. Jill Forbes says

    Being a mom of 4 year old twins that not only works a full time job but is involved in the community, I need any help I can get to stay organized. I need (not just want) this Duo Binder! Plus we are planning a family vacation in a couple of weeks and I will definately be printing off the Vacation Planner soon!
    Thanks for all your great ideas!

  57. Jodi says

    I love the what u r wearing page. When we travel (which is a lot because we don’t live near family) I always have to bring in all the suitcases. I think it is a great idea to write down what everybody will need at each stop and pack all clothes for that day together! The file would be perfect for putting in confirmation packets from each hotel!

  58. Jessica Clinger says

    I love it all. We are heading on vacation in 2 weeks and I have been trying to plan and organize everything ahead of time. This seems like it would make my life a lot less chaotic. We are heading to visit my family in Nova Scotia Canada which is a two day drive from where we live. I love all of print outs!

  59. says

    WOW! Your tote idea is great! I am “stealing” it for my trip to Canada in the fall. It will make things easy with the warm clothes I need to pack for both my daughter and I.

    Your vacation planner would come in handy too. 😉

  60. Amy G. says

    I completely lack organization. Usually my hubby is the organized one in terms of travel, however there are times we travel separately. This duo would be a great way to (a) help get me organized and (b) keep things together for scrapbooking my trips!! LOVE IT!

  61. Lexen Heck says

    Oh wow… this makes my Organizing OCD’ness squeal with delight!! Love the happy colors, the details, and the planner is PERFECT for planning, storing, etc. The only thing that could possibly make this even better, is if I WON!!!! Sweet! :) Thanks for creating wonderful organizing tools!

  62. Mari Jo Thompson says

    Love the fact everyone can look to see what is on schedule, and the planning takes place before, not during a vacation!

  63. Michelle says

    I love how organized the printables help me become. I am a list person and this is perfect! The binder would help me stay organized too because of the file portion where I can keep brochures of places and things to do!

  64. Mercedes says

    What I like the most is the combo of filing and binder in one place. This is fantastic for keeping my head straight with all of the kids school schedules, school functions, PTA correspondence and most of all — my son is a senior coming September and applying to college. This combo would be perfect for keeping track of all the correspondence, brochures, applications, you name it. Hope I can win one of these awesome organizational binders! Keeping fingers crossed!!!

  65. Karen E. says

    Enjoyed reading through your recent challenge and how you met it … the Duo Binder … way! I too, love the Duo Binder for many uses in my own home and ‘organized’ life! Being able to ‘BIND’ or contain everything necessary for an organized trip including, but not limited to; plans, costs, activity related information, receipts, flyers, pamphlets, and a journal to boot, PRICELESS! Thanks for sharing your journey and solution with me through your e-mail service. I look forward to every one! :)

  66. Katrina says

    I would use it for our many camping trips, to keep all the memorabilia in it from our trips. We are planning on going camping in November to ..Tennessee! This would really help keep our special memories, passes, etc, together!

  67. Amy says

    I am an admitted pack rat when it comes to papers, and I have vacation planning lists from when I was a kid still in a notebook. I keep all my vacation planning lists in a file folder so that when it comes times to plan my next vacation, I can pull out an old list to help create my new list. If I had these amazing vacation planning printables, then I could throw away all my old lists (except for my childhood ones because it’s fun to look back and remember where we went–listed at the top of the list). I would love to have list to just print out and fill in. And I am totally in LOVE with the Duo Binder, and I don’t even have one yet. I chair the book fair for my son’s school, and I could totally use this amazing organization tool for that as well as vacation planning, VBS planning, Parent’s Club planning, Sunday school planning, etc.! So awesome!

  68. Molly says

    We are a family of 5 so I definitely love that this will help organize what sometimes can be chaos when we are traveling- especially road trips. I absolutely love the packing list!!

  69. Deborah says

    I was excited to see your plans to visit my stomping-grounds – East Tennessee! Hope you enjoy the trip – looks like you have gotten some good suggestions of what-to-do/see.

  70. Kathy B says

    I love the fact that you can keep everything in one place: checklists, brochures, mementos, etc. Love the colors :-)

  71. Joleen says

    Love the whole planning thoughts behind this planner. We are planning a vacation in Branson with my husband’s family. This would be great for that!

  72. Amanda says

    I love this addition to your organization series. Everyone always has different “bucket list” items when traveling and this is a great way to ensure you can achieve the most possible. Not to mention the packing list. It never fails, I ALWAYS forget something from making a list just off the top of my head instead of having a standard list of sorts to work from. Makes the OCD side of me happy :)

  73. Vanessa says

    I love everything about the planner and the binder, especially the bright colors. The binder is perfect for a vacation and can be used for something else when vacation is over.

  74. Kathy Brown says

    I love how everything is in one place! Maps, hotel confirmation numbers, etc. even the clothes are done!


  75. Jody says

    I like the idea of planning a bit so that you can be prepared for activities once you arrive. Sometimes you need to plan ahead in order to get in on an event or activity.

  76. Cindy B says

    PS! Would you mind sharing the name of the font you used for “Planner”? I love that one and haven’t been able to track it down, thanks.

  77. Nancy says

    We lost my dad earlier this year. We always travel with my parents so they can build memories with the grands. He was the one who always researched and found interesting things for our trips. This planner would be a terrific way to keep me organized (which I am not) so that I can concentrate on doing the research!

    The duo organizer would be terrific for vacation purposes. But more importantly it would help me stay organized as we work on our first year of homeschooling!

    • Becky French says

      I’m sorry about your dad. Mine passed Dec 2011. We traveled the same way. He was a great genealogy traveling buddy.

  78. Lauren Cahill says

    What I like the most about this is that it helps minimize the stress and anxiety that comes along with planning a vacation. It helps simplify everything and I like to have everything clearly mapped out, so I can feel well prepared and at ease.

  79. Elena Vassilieva says

    Vacation time should be fun… However, planning for it is very stressful for me. I’d be happy to implement a good system that would make it easy and fun to plan for it.

  80. Tara says

    I love how organized the vacation planner is and how you can fit your maps and travel books in the binder….helps take the stress out vacation so you can actually enjoy it!

  81. Amanda Hatfield says

    I created a binder for my honeymoon last year and this would put it to shame! With the plans of starting a family in the near future, I love being as organized as possible and this would make a great tool for vacations and family trips!

  82. Rachel says

    I love that the Duo is just an all in one organizer perfect for just about anything! And I love the packing list of your vacation planner pack. That is something I’m always needing before vacations!

  83. Anna C. says

    This would be perfect for our trip we are taking to colorado next summer. It’s going to be 2 weeks long and ending with my brother’s wedding. I love the fact that you can put all the brochures in the file holder and they won’t fall out. Plus the binder is attached.

  84. Rita says

    I love that I would be so organized using the planner and the binder. I wouldn’t be stressed out about forgetting clothes or documents and actually enjoy the vacation.

  85. says

    Love it ! We are traveling from Wisconsin to Florida (1st timers to Disney) I have been trying to stay organized this would ROCK ! Awesome job :)

  86. Kate says

    I always wind up with sheets in a big zippered envelope, but it’s hard to flip through them, so this binder would be just the ticket!

  87. Holly b says

    I love having all the paperwork in one spot and organized….that way it doesn’t get left I. The hotel when you need it at the excursions, etc…. Finally a way to have some order on a vacation!!!!

  88. Vonnie says

    I think this would be wonderful I love to organized it would be a great idea for home to keep important papers and telephone numbers for emergancy.

  89. Zola says

    My favorite thing about the planner is having everything neatly in one place: brochures, coupons, plans for each day!

  90. Lana b says

    with a family of 6 and 2 dogs, fish and hamsters, any organizational help I can get is MUCH appreciated. Love the lists. I am a list person.

  91. Sarah says

    The duo binder systems looks to have a place for everything! I can never find store ads or fliers or other papers I need when I need them. This would solve this issue! The vacation planner will help plan the first trip we take with our new baby (due in Sept.!) It’ll help keep this new mama sane and prepared!

  92. Jenn says

    I love the binder to help get me organized, and planning a vacation is always overwhelming, so any help is much appreciated!

  93. Christine Scarbrough says

    I have been collecting vacation ideas since my kids were babies. Now that they are older and can enjoy helping plan a trip, they love digging through my file cabinet for the area we will travel to and pulling out the pamphlets and seeing all the possible things to do. Several years ago I had taken a flex folder and duct taped it to a spiral notebook as my remedy for making everything more portable, LOL. I love that you can set this up and reuse the organizer (much better than duct tape)!

  94. says

    I am new to the Duo, but I am thinking of all the possibilities for them!

    I would love the vacation planner because I’m already starting to plan my 2014 road trip vacation back to Michigan (from Washington) and am looking for something JUST like this to help me out!

  95. Kristina P. says

    I love how its an amazing helper especially when you have young children at home. Perfect vacation with out forgetting anything

  96. KATHY says

    I LOVE THIS! Everything is organized and helps to keep you organize and eases the stress of travel at anytime not just vacations! Love, Love, Love this! <3

  97. Robin says

    I LOVE that you can plan your vacation in a reusable area and that you can store receipts, brochures, travel magazines and even money or traveler’s checks all in one place! It makes a vacation so much easier and it allows you to have more fun because you’re not stressed out about what you’re going to do, what’ll be open, how much everything costs and so on!

  98. Christina in No Ky says

    I love the what to wear section! This was a pet peeve of mine with other vacation packing lists. Makes it so much easier to make sure the right clothes go on vacation and come back home if each piece is written down!

  99. Joelle says

    Such amazing organization for all things travel planning! Love the colours and the way it is all kept in one spot!

  100. Beverly Lane says

    I love and appreciate the fact that you’ve done so much work to make this a successful tool. Keeping everything in one place will have to make the planning so much easier! It might even make the planning …. fun! It lays out everything so nice and neatly! Thanks for giving us a chance to win this fabulous prize!

  101. Kim Barrios says

    I love that the Vacation Planning Pack is so colorful! And I think the research pages are genius. The Duo binder is a perfect fit for the planner, but it could be used for other things, such as a medical binder.

  102. Ashley says

    I love all your organizing ideas but I think that the accordion file and the three ring would be perfect for so many things. I just planned our family vacation to South Dakota and this would have been fabulous and actually saved me some time. Every year we try to plan a family vacation and I usually start going through destination ideas in December and like to try to start to plan a budget so when July rolls around we can be saved up!

  103. willie says

    wow. this article was awesome. what a great idea. wish i knew these tips when i was traveling with my children so many years ago.

  104. says

    I love the expandable file folder in the back. My husband hates me staching maps in every available space when we travel. He find them in the car and the suitcases and my purse. Now I can keep them in one place and not get yelled at!

  105. Jodie says

    I love that there is the accordian folder to hold the confirmations and other important papers and there is also room for a notebook!

  106. says

    Im a new thirty-one consultant that’s on the move and staying organize is a must. This file will hold everything I need for my parties. Thxs for the offer.

  107. Callie Cleere says

    I love that the the duo is two in one! instead of having to carry around both or make all of the information that I need fit into either one, I can have both!

  108. Kristen says

    I love the printables! My husband and I are going on a vacation in September (without the kids!!) and sending the kids my in-laws. I love that there is a place to plan each outfit individually. Sure will help to eliminate over packing!

  109. Ruthe says

    What a super idea! Now I can be organized from the first thing I pack to the last brochure. It’ll be fun to have it all in one place!

  110. Leah says

    I love the itemized clothing packing list. With four to pack for that would be great! The whole package looks fantastic. Might come in really really handy for our trip to Europe next summer. Fingers and toes are crossed :o)

  111. Tammy says

    I really like the binder. This would be perfect for a travel binder, especially with having a place to stash all those loose leaflets, pamphlets and booklets. Keeps everything organized and just where you need it.

  112. Ashley says

    LOve all of your blogs and posts :) Super cute ideas!!!! I am an organization freak and a girly girl so your stuff is right up my ally!

  113. says

    I am an organizing freak! I always make lists of all kinds when we go on vacations and would LOVE this!!!! :) Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

  114. Carolyn says

    The “What to Wear” section is a great idea! I’m a list-maker & have a million post-its everywhere when I plan a trip. This is such a nice way to keep it all organized, and pretty, too! :)

  115. Amy says

    I absolutely not only just love but appreciate the ease this item will put on our traveling alone with the organization it offers. You could put so many different travel brochures you pickup from where your staying etc, like I do, so they aren’t getting lost or bent because I love to use them with the Vacation Pics in my Scrapbook (It adds some unique Flair!) I can also keep track of our expenses – like from the trips adventures down to the souvenirs we pick up. I also love the vibrant color which makes you want to get up and go.

  116. Lori George says

    I’m taking my daughter to grad school in Miami, Florida (we live in Columbus, Ohio…and for the record…yes I’m in denial…I thought dropping her off the first day of undergrad was bad enough…and that was only 120 miles away…I have a funny feeling that 1200 miles away is gonna be 1200 times harder…I have a “gross” of Puffs waiting to be packed for the trip home) and this would be the PERFECT thing for me to organize all my notes and directions and reservations and stuff for the trip!

  117. says

    I have been wanting to get a duo for a while now. Still working on organizing my office and this would be great!! Love your printables and I think having the vacation planner would force me to plan a vacation which I really need!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  118. Rhonda Murray says

    I hate to vacation, cuz i’m cheap, but this would be wonderful for family memories and hubbies planning.

  119. Christy Coleman says

    First I want to say THANK YOU for the awesome giveaway!!
    I would love to win this to help me along in my organization quest to perfect my house. Also I have a 6yr old who is hard to travel with and I am always trying to find things to help occupy him. He loves doing fun activities and what better way then this awesome Vacation Binder.

  120. Westy says

    I would love to be able to utilize this binder and travel planner to plan my trip to Europe for my 40th birthday!

  121. Christian says

    I love this. Something I wish I would make time to do for vacation. I love how you can keep all your brochures with the itineraries and to do lists all in one convenient organizer.

  122. says

    The duo binder seems great with the 3 rings and 7 pockets. I may need to get one for writing projects. Oh better yet, my Holiday Control Journal. What a great way to keep check lists and receipts. The vacation printables are great since you can use them for any type of vacation.

  123. Sandy says

    I would love to use the vacation planner because we pack in stages. I pack some, then my kids pack EVERYTHING, then my husband packs some and then we finish off before crashing in bed the night before we leave. I can think of multiple uses for the binder in everyday home life!

  124. says

    I love love love the printables–I am such a list person and I work so much better from a hard copy that I have organized and put into a file or binder!! LOVE THIS!!!!!

  125. Dedra says

    This is wonderful! I like the idea of having all my information in one spot. We are planning a trip to Disney World next year and I have notes about prices and hotels and tips everywhere. It would be great to have a little organization!

  126. Karen says

    I can’t wait to plan out our vacation with this binder/folder. If my kids don’t get their hands on it first.

  127. Chris Dykes says

    I would be able to use this duo on my upcoming 5 week trip to America, Oh the joy of using something easy and would be the best birthday present

  128. Barb says

    That binder is genius and I LOVE your printables. I wish I had that a few years ago when we hit 26 states in 31 days :-)

  129. Kelly G says

    The best thing about this planner is that everything is in one spot and I won’t have to go through my purse, my briefcase, my brochure bag etc. I’ve been trying every vacation to be more and more organized and you hit it w/ this! I was close but not this close!

  130. says

    Hi just wanted to let you know that I’m loving your printables and your blog is general is really awesome, as is your Facebook Page. For such a busy lady your doing a great job, keep up the good work. I won’t enter in your competition as I am in Australia, but wanted to let you know my thoughts anyway.

  131. Ashley Noel says

    As a worldwide traveling college student, my life is so unorganized with planning. This makes my life so much easier! And the binder idea is borderline genius! Thank You and keep up your hard work!

  132. says

    I love this vacation planner, especially the ‘what we’re wearing’ page. The rainbow colours don’t hurt either :) Plan to pick one up when the CAD dollar is better, but I’m going to try the packing with totes next week. Thanks!

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